Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays!

This is Rosie. She is 11 weeks old and comprised entirely of fluff and needle sharp bits that are teeth and toe nails (I just can't equate claws with this little lass) She is the latest edition to my sister's household. In a rare moment of tuckered out stillness on Christmas Day, she snuggled on my lap.
She had her head on my arm and was side eying me in the cutest way and as I went for my phone to capture it, she moved and refused to look at me or be cute. We got this photo by my niece hanging over my shoulder getting her attention. It is very cute!
Did I ever tell you my nieces and nephews call me Mamush? Although, I found out yesterday there's some who spell it Mamoosh.

We had a lovely day, it started with breakfast with my adopted kids and a few others, then out to said sister's for a bio family time. They had a game called Articulate and I am hooked! I'm trying to source a set of our own.
Anyone else discover something fun on Christmas Day, or got to cuddle a ball of fluff and needles?

Monday, December 9, 2019

Sydney Food!

Well!!! We spent Tuesday to Friday in Sydney last week. It was hard going, what with the humid heat and the bushfire smoke, which is super distressing given the implications of it. :(
However, I did experience a culinary delight known as The Bite. This is a large falafel with avocado in the middle.
It is basically a vegan scotch egg.
I had it three days in a row for brunch.
Now I have to convince a cafe in Wellington to serve it so I can have it here. The mushrooms and salad are the perfect complement.
I mean, I'd not give up actual scotch eggs - I'm not as into them as a certain Welsh blogger, but they are pretty delicious.
Still, the melt in the mouth combo of falafel and avo, yum!!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Arizona Burlesque Festival

I went all the way to the other side of the world and haven't said anything about it yet.  But we just got photos back from the Arizona Burlesque Festival so I'm sharing.
The AZBF was amazing!!
Tucson is amazing in itself. Hot, dry, sunny, gorgeous vistas of desert and those giant cacti, friendly people - and I have good friends there I stayed with in luxury, with a pool!
I spent a fair bit of my time there hunting down pink feather boas to repair this gown, which after so many wears looked like it had some kind of bird mange.
My darling Stevie patiently drove me all over town until we found what I needed at Jo-Ann, and SAS Fabrics. The latter was amazing. If I didn't already have enough sequin fabric to last me three lifetimes, and an already full suitcase, I'd have dropped some serious currency there.
Anyway it was worth it. As you can see I'm all pink and fluffed up! I performed Perhaps on Saturday night, which meant I could watch the rest of the show. Great show.
Someone called me Ursula that night. I was a bit miffed but after seeing this photo, I think it's a fair call.

Talk to the Hand!!!

What was happening? Maybe the microphone was giving me an electric shock, not sure. LOVE the lighting and the haze.
Thanks so much to Matt Finish and his team for putting on such a great festival. And to Tiffany at 48th and Pixel for the great photos!

Run up to December

After the Tease on Tour show in Queenstown last Monday, we experienced an unprecedented amount of audience curiosity and fandom! Over several hours around a fire pit, I got asked a lot of questions and got given a LOT of amazing compliments, which was lovely. It was an amazing way to round out a fantastic night and it got me thinking about what I will have achieved by the end of this year.
This includes:
  • performing and hosting about 40 times in seven New Zealand locations! - Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, Hamilton, Te Mata, Tauranga and Wellington;
  • four countries: New Zealand, Canada, US and Australia (next week!);
  • hosting 20 events from shows to a conference dinner, a carol service, some private corporate events;
  • hosting in venues from an intimate 45 to a sold out 400 seat theatre, 400 dinner delegates, and everything in between;
  • winning the Golden Garter Award 2019 for Favourite Emcee for the second time of three consecutive nominations;
  • increasing my musicianship considerably from three guitar chords to 11 in a whole new type of performing for me;
  • being invited to perform in the Menagerie in 2020 with my precious partners in crime, Leo and Clever.
One of the things I am proudest of is that Debbie and my DIY Burleskiwi show has jumped the ditch to Australia! To be known there as DIY Burleskoala, the inaugural show is on Thursday 5 December. Debbie and I are going to judge and host respectively. Jack is going to kitten, Artem his lovely boyfriend is going to be generally useful and amazing. A family busman's holiday! This year's DIY Burleskiwi winner Amourous Ava is also coming over.
Random encounter in a bar in Queenstown at 1am with Jason, it turns out we know lots of the same people! "Only in NZ"
 One of the cutest things that has come out of the stats is this. In 1983 I went on a tour of NZ with a show we would now call burlesque. I had made the costumes and was operating the spotlight. The show went to Queenstown and Dunedin among other cities and having hosted Tease on Tour in those towns I realised it was the first time since that tour I'd been to either of them! And two of the cast of that show now live in Sydney and I get to hang out with them next week when I am there.
How's that for a full circle.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

I'm actually Back. Fact.

Hamming it up in Dunedin on 26 October.
I got home from Tucson on Thursday 16 October, and started a new contract on the following Tuesday, given Monday was a stat holiday. Since then I've done:
  • two out of town gigs, one flying and one driving
  • an at home gig last minute
  • most of my Christmas costume
  • a round trip in one day to Napier (4.5 hours each way) to pick up shop stock
  • bought 23kg of dried fruits to make 23 Christmas Cakes
  • worked full time
And now I have a two year contract which is like a proper permanent job really, working on a massive project that will make my CV look very impressive. I start in a week.
So there you go, I just glossed over my entire adventure because I can't face scribing it all a yet. I will, it's not like the news changes for waiting, not really!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Somewhere safe?!

I put my current passport somewhere safe a few months ago. SO SAFE, neither I nor David nor the two kids are able to find it. It has vanished. Gah.
So, I just forked out nearly $400 for a replacement to make sure I get it in time.
All this for a tiny boring book with terrible illustrations...

Image result for nz passport

Monday, September 9, 2019

20 days and counting...

September got here and it's already over a week old and only 20 days until I get on a plane!!
I am working not silly hours, tying up the last bits of work to completely my two contracts. I finally have time to breathe. And with every chance of a week off before I depart.
Due to a throat that was threatening to turn really nasty, I bailed on the show in Tauranga. It meant a precious four days at home and while I was REALLY SAD and had massive FOMO, I also got my living room tidied up, breaking down piles of C-rap that had solidified over the years. I mean, the walls are not lined with piled up newspapers, it's nothing like that, just clutter.
Now I can see surfaces! I found things!
There's something in all of this tidying, I feel calmer. But then, looking around my six paisley living room, calmness is all relative.
This evening I picked the boy up from the airport after his extended weekend stage managing the show and hanging out with friends, and I was missed.
I love this photo. I look like a 1940s stage comedian!!