Saturday, September 25, 2021

New Hair

 I had a hair cut yesterday. Years of long hair all the same length ended abruptly. I've been watching YouTube a lot and love love love those vintage mid century hairstyles based on the Horseshoe cut. Here is my icon of style herself, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard.

I don't know about you but Jessica kellgren-fozard is my gay queen:  ladyladyboners
The Horseshoe cut in action!

 Anyway, I discussed it with my hairdresser who knows it well as he styles a lot of drag wigs like this! and it looks pretty ok as a modern straight layered look too. So we set forth.

The result I am loving. Marty put a few curls into it for me too.

I will be applying pink soon. I don't mind the grey but given I am so pale, the lack of definition of my hairline isn't working for me. 

As for curls, hrmph. I used heated rollers last night and the pin curled the whole lot and wrapped in a sil scarf and slept on it. the results were less curly than this and by this evening have nearly dropped out.

Dang old age. My hair through my whole life to me mid 40s took a curl if I so much as waved a curler near to it. But for the last 10 years it sulks and refuses to have a bar of it. Unless I put it in rags and Shirley Temple isn't my style icon! ;-)

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sewing small projects

 I'm working on a couple of garments that need slow sewing, so to give myself satisfaction, I'm also doing some quick win projects too.

OK so with NZ in semi lockdown and mandatory mask wearing, the shop is selling them almost as fast as four of us can make them. I've made at least 25 for the shop, but I'm also making some for me and for friends who have specific tastes.

My friend who shares a love of Frida and Mary is getting three masks, these are just cut out so far but I love the so much!

As for me, I've made a couple with plastic stays going across and up/down, to try and create space to breathe. They are a bit beaky but I don't care. I LOVE this rose fabric
This one is a gorgeous ombre of fizzy bubbles and I love how it reads different colours on either side.
As well as masks, I've been feeling the cold footwise and find that socks bite into my ankles and slippers are all so synthetic they feel yicky.
So, I made some! Using the Twig and Tale Wayfarer Shoe pattern, I made these cuties. Outer is a pair of old jeans, lined with some Liberty cord, and the sole is suede. All out of what was in the house. They're just enough warm for the house in this early spring weather. They were so easy, I think I'll make some warmer ones for winter.
So there you go, small wins. 
I went back to the office on Monday, quite eerie with only about 20% of our team coming in. But it really has helped me to get my head back in the game. Swapping slipper for masks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Sewing is happening chez iRon!

 iRonically, without using an iRon! This blog started out as a sewing one but meh, I don't get much chance. 

So, today I tagged out of work for the rest of the week and I'm sewing. This is the Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company. It's so utterly ridiculously ME, it's almost a parody. Red with black lace with red roses. Red red red.

 I am so in love. The red bit is fine merino and the sleeves are black net embroidered with red roses with a merino lining. VERY on brand. And that is just the beginning.

This current situation is sick making. Looking at what has happened in NSW with rampant Delta in the community only weeks after being Covid free, we may be in lockdown for at least another week.

Lockdown Level 4 here is no going out except for a walk in a mask, only supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations and dairies (corner shops) are allowed to open.

I am really missing my twice daily oat flat white.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Delta Dawn..

We have a case of covid in the community up in Auckland, just one, but he was out and about for six days before getting a test, and there's no obvious link back to MIQ, which is normally where cases come from.

So our very sensible PM just shut the country down. For Auckland, seven days, for the rest of us, three days. This will stop any further spread. Hopefully.

Given the tragic situation in Fiji and Australia, who both moved too slowly and all their hard work was undone in weeks, I can't see the usual mouth breathers having a crack at the government for doing this.

As for me, I am going to make the most of it! I'm in my own home this time around with meaningful work to do. And unlike last time, when I was focussed on closing up the shop and so never got to take anything home from work, I have everything I need and we had 6 hours notice and the shop was already closed.

I was thinking today how this must have been a wee bit like living through a world war. Admittedly nobody is dropping bombs on us, but the every day life bit, where you just have to get on with it but there's this massive abnormality looming all the time - that. 

ANYHOO here's a pic of me after my first vaccination jab on Monday, in an off the shoulder top, showing off my sticking plaster!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

This just in!

Son Jack sent me this one today. Are we this manic? Probably!!!

Post Show Selfie

 It was a fun show, I like this face. TV Stick makes for a deeper look.

My son in law in the background. gorgeous human!

Saturday, July 31, 2021

She PINK!!!

 Happy Saturday everyone from this glamorous Granny!