Monday, September 26, 2016

Technology dependence

I am trying not to be Chicken Little, worrying the sky is about to fall on us.
The reason for this sense of impending disaster is technology failure.
Our condenser dryer started to, er, stop. It chose a time when we were a whole full time person down at work, another reason for the sudden quiet. Thanks to our incredibly generous neighbour Dan, we have been using his dryer when he is out and we are in, and that has been such a blessing as apartment dwelling doesn't give one many options in winter.
This innocent white box is now sitting in the middle of the floor, as the cupboard doesn't allow for access to its important bits. To do this, David had to take the doors off the cupboard. Erk. They are also a trip hazard. Apparently it needs a new controller, so that's $600 plus to regain our drying capabilities. Erk again. Waiting for parts...
Then, both the printers decided to be difficult. The one at work can't work out what paper it has in it but won't listen to me. I finally fixed it over the phone with the Canon helpline. The answer was to tell it that all paper was "others". Hmm.
The one at home has adopted a self conscious endangered species breeding programme approach to life. I send things to it, and nothing happens. But the next day, all alone upstairs, it may suddenly give birth to the document. Or not.
It's all rather tiring in a week where I need to print place cards for a friend's wedding on Saturday, I need to print invoices and labels all the time, and actually when I have owned both less than a year, I kind of resent this precious behaviour.
Pictured with no document spewing forth, as is fit under the circumstances.

Sewing and other aspects of life are happening, just time constraints and lack of photos and experienced staff being covered by enthusiastic but inexperienced staff has kept me busy.
This week, I am concentrating on getting cakes made for the wedding that can be eaten by those who cannot eat gluten, dairy or chocolate, sorting place cards, supervising the completion of a bridesmaid's dress and getting my responsibilities as emcee under my belt. 
I am emceeing an early wedding, we're back into the city then I am emceeing a cabaret. The bride in the morning is the emcee I share the rotation of the show with. So naturally it's my turn! I have an alternative emcee on standby if it all gets too much.
I am very excited by this wedding which will be such a celebration of life and love.
I just wish my technology would get the memo; that it has ONE JOB. Sheesh.