Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling down...

This was me last night, only more sack of spuds faceplanting than graceful swoon. Plus our stairs are not so grand.
The culprit is this dress:

It was long back then when I made it and it is even longer now, making it a trip hazard. I was wearing suede boots and I think the knit fabric gripped my boot and the combo tripped me up.
I am very sore but very lucky- my left leg and left ribs fared the worst of all of me, but nothing is cracked or broken and I will survive!
My first sewing job when I can sit at the machine again will be lopping four inches off the hem of this dress. It is super duper warm being made of merino sweatshirt fabric so I've been wearing it all the time, pretty much taking it off to wash and dry then putting it on again!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When my E string broke!

Hello my darlings! Clever Hansel and I entertained the crowd at the Duos DIY Burleskiwi with the Foodtard Song. Things got a bit complicated when the evil $20 op shop guitar busted a string and we abandoned it. Here's the video:

On the subject of the Evil Guitar, I had so much stuff to take home I left it at the Fringe Bar overnight, and it disappeared. Now why anyone would nick it when there were other guitars there is beyond me. My theory is that it absorbed into the stage area overnight, as the following night, so many things went wrong!