Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Peacock Shirt for my Fella

My darling peacock loves his new shirt.. He is soliciting compliments from everyone who comes into the shop today. I suspect some are just being polite about it. It IS gorgeous, even though I say so myself, but not to everyone's tastes!

Making this shirt was an exercise in patience and practising my technical skills, great fun! Based upon the same pattern as the last shirt, a 1970's western style pattern, this time I took the points off the front yoke to simplify it, but left it in the back. There is quite enough going down with this print already.
The front button plackets,cuffs, collar and collar stay are all backed with a contrast fabric. But the best fun of all was matching the peacocks on the front across the plackets. The pocket was easy, but the fronts don't match in the middle because of the added plackets, and so positioning them on the fabric to all line up...well the whole process of cutting it out took five yards of fabric and five hours.
I now have a bunch of this fabric left over. I do love it and a use will surely reveal itself some time!
Two down, two to go. I think I may try another 70's pattern. I love these slim fitting, big collar shirts!