Monday, October 17, 2016

My new frock and adventures with boas

Busy here! I have been dealing with the influx of customers that comes with the World of Wearable Art, while trying to get our Fringe show registered (it's not until February but we have to have everything done that you'd normally do a few weeks before it, done by 10 October! Did my head in!)
So I didn't have much time or inclination to make any new costumes for the Burlesque Baby show on the 15th October.
A gorgeous magenta dress arrived from city chic with lots of time to spare. It is the same gorgeous shape as the last two - with the draped tulip skirt. But so boring, like a bridesmaid's gown. Not OTT enough for Constance!
Then blings arrived and WOWZERS!!! The pink ones I got for the dress were too matchy matchy, but a pair of white iridescent ones were perfect, and I trimmed, arranged them and then stuck them on with Aleene's Tacky Glue. All class, me!

Strike a pose! Why not, complete with duckface!

Not content however with this dress, I felt it needed more FOOFLES. And as my only boa was red and did not go, I knocked one up at work during the day. A roll each of organza wrap in hot pink and silver floral mesh, each corded up the middle then the gathering pulled up. I sewed them together and voila! Up close it has the tacky desperation of a night before the kid's party costume attempt. But on stage it just read as puffy structure. YAY!
So there you go. sometimes RTW can deliver, with a bit of extra bling
BTW the fine bias is a dream and so easy to apply. I've not finished and there's nothing to see yet, but I will share it when there is!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

People are Strange...

...As Jim Morrison once sang. And as did I on Saturday night emceeing at Caburlesque Weird and Quirky. I had very little time to get costumed and made up so I went for a simple look; matching my makeup to the faces on my costume. As you do.

Here I am at the curtain call, with Douglas Sievers-Jarrett and La Femme Fantail.

So why such a fast turnaround? Because until 5pm, I was emceeing a wedding in the country!
My daytime look, pinup inspired. Wearing the black lace dress with red rose appliques.
It was a glorious wedding, incorporating Druid, Christian and legal ceremonial elements. Emily the bride declared that she and Richard got "All kinds of married" and that was a great way of putting it!

I know I've been quiet these past few weeks, but of course that's because I've been so busy. I am working on a costume, making those kale edged organza frills for the bottom. Negotiating with the supplier of our bias bindings to make a super narrow satin one for the edges of this. It's going to be such a pain in the pattoottie to attach but it will be worth it I feel.
I have until 10 October to get all the details for our Fringe Festival show locked down so that is my priority. Wish me luck!