Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am Versatile, it's official! :)

How cool is this! The wonderful Dreamstress  gave me this award a while ago and I'm sorry it's taken so long to put it up and post something :) This morning is the first time since P2P I feel like I've been able to just sit and blog.
Anyway, I have to tell you seven things about myself and nominate 15 blogs to give it to. I don't even know of 15 blogs so I will do my best!

Seven things about MrsC
1. I love RED. Almost every shade of it. I love to wear it, to live surrounded by it. I find it soothing and inspiring. The only thing better than red, is red and gold together. The bedroom in our previous apartment. Red, gold, maximalism :)
2. I love PURPLE. I love to wear purple, but not so much to live surrounded by it. I got married in purple velvet (among other fabrics and colours) and I love red and purple together. My favourite shades of purple are the redder ones, like royalty wear, although I am also fond of ultraviolets.
Yes it is very, very dark purple silk/rayon velvet. My many attendants (the joys of stepkids and nieces) wore cherry burgundy velvet, among other fabrics and colours.
3. My favourite roses as in the kind you buy cut from a florist not the kind you plant in a garden, are Leonidis and Bluebell (although I think it's odd to name one flower after another!) They are the roses in my wedding bouquet and in my hair. Leonidis is the terracotta one, Bluebell the deep burgundy one.
This image is a little fiddled with in photoshop, and it is the background on my PC.
4. I recently remet my first boyfriend (17) and was rather touched to find how I had it right the first time. He is lovely and very like my husband. I did spend most of the intervening 20 years with the wrong kinds of blokes. Like many fairly smart people, I can be a slow learner...
5. I love weather. I love hail, wind, rain, scorching sun, warm or cool breezes, the whole gambit of it. I would hate to live somewhere where the weather never really did much. I like weather with personality! No wonder I love Wellington and Christchurch! People in these cities talk about the weather because it is interesting, not because they have nothing else to talk about :)
6. Is it a cheat to include the revealing truth that I am a maximalist? Maximalism is a movement my friend Terry and I invented, shocked that it didn't exist already. Minimalists have had all the press. Maximalists believe that "More is More". A maximalist believes that you should add something, not take something away. The mistake minimalists always make when they judge and dismiss a maximalist piece is that it is chaos. IT IS NOT. It is much harder to make something work when it has many components. Well, I would say that wouldn't I..
7. I love Art Nouveau. I suspect that this really is a cheat as of course a hard core maximalist would love Art nouveau. I also love the Arts and Crafts movement.

Right now though I have to run away! I will nominate some wonderful blogs for a versatility award very soon :)


  1. I love your seven things! They are much more interesting than my seven things!

  2. I like the concept of maximalism, although I cannot relate to it myself.
    I'm a minimalist who loves Art Nouveau. Things like that sometimes happen. I guess it has to do with the fact Art Nouveau simplified lines and made patterns out of the "chaotic" world.
    Although I do not take my minimalism too seriously. If I were a total minimalist, I'd probably like the kind of modern art that "takes an empty canvas and sticks it on the wall" (as Mark Knopfler put it in one of his early songs). I do not like that, at least not as art. So I guess I'm not really a minimalist, rather a balancist. (I'm in need of a better word for it.) Either give or take, depending on what it needs at the moment. Certain things need to be maximalist (Some folk costumes, for example!), certain things require to be minimalist, and certain things ought to be something in between.

  3. Very wise, Hana. I too have times where I want minimalism, and balancism is a wonderful word!
    Mind you I just bought a fabulous chinoiserie red and gold curtain rod, and an enormous tie back, for my bedroom curtains. So it doesn't happen very often. :)