Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another gorgeous gift from a gorgeous woman

On Christmas eve, while at a carol service, I got a text from my fab friend Ann, who had 10 people on Christmas Day and no dessert, due to the elevator in her building breaking down. I believe their place is on the 7th floor and I totally understand the lack of desire to go to a supermarket on Christmas
Eve at all, let alone have to lug the resulting provender up all those stairs! So, I made her a pav and surprised her with it at the 11pm service.

And she in turn made me these gorgeous cards! Ann makes the most beautiful cards, she is famous for them. She uses found things, ends of things, and makes them into exquisite little works of art.
I cannot express how perfectly perfect it feels to trade made for made like this. So beyond price!

I have had an idea for these cards. Instead of writing in them, I'm going to insert a separate leaf held in by a ribbon. The recipient can then keep the inset if they want, and do the same for someone else. A reusable card, giving pleasure to many recipients. Whaddya think, does it have potential?

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