Monday, October 17, 2011

Teacosy giveaway :)

Well, remember how Adele won the teacosy in my giveaway a few weeks back? Well, here it is. I had enough Horrid's (you know who I mean - Knightsbridge, posh etc) teatowel left to make a pair of potmits:
I couldn't resist these teatowels and bought a few. Adele LOVES teatowels, and so it seemed like the perfect material to use.
But when you are 4, like Angus, a teacosy means one thing only! It even comes with shields! ;-)


  1. They so cute, wantses the puurddies!!! I'm a sucker for that colour combo and what better teacosie fabric than tea pots. Kels

  2. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Angus looks like he is having such fun with his shields and helmet :}

    Very best,


  3. Too cute! It looks kind of like a pudding cap :) Note to self--pudding caps and teacozies, almost interchangeable!