Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lonely heart - Some great photos

Here are a few of the fabulous and rather sinister publicity photos from the show. The photographer was everywhere getting really close to the action during the dressed rehearsal.
 Left to right, Emma Kinane as Janet Fay, the first victim. Nick Dunbar as Ray Fernandez, Bryony as Martha Beck.
 Bryony in the drabbest apron ever made! Still wearing her hat as it was the first time and she forgot to take it off! Tash MacAllister as Rainelle. Her wig should have had its own mention in the programme!
 One of my favourite costumes. Designed to give a subtle illusion of off the shoulderness during a fantasy dance where she thinks she is Scarlett O'Hara to Ray's Rhett Butler. Noone gets it but me, but that's OK :) I know!
Red velvet for Act two. Singing about being loved, and happy at last.
If I get a hold of more photos I will post them too :)


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,

    The costumes speak all about the characters. Bravo, bravo!

    I really like that "off the shoulder" dress. It does work well, and the effect is dramatic.

    Very best,


  2. Thank you Natalie! It was the toughest. It is a dress she has in her frumpy wardrobe and Ray's first sight of her is a shock for him so it has to be a bit ghastly. THEN when they do the fantasy dance, it has to 'transform' without any physical change at all. So I cut it to fit to the waist then flare out, but most of the flare hangs quite limp and straight, until he twirls her then out it floated! Works quite well. SO much thought and effort goes into an effect noone will consciously notice! hehehe

  3. When I saw the first image I thought, what a cheerful trim on that otherwise simple apron. The off the shoulder trick is a great solution for a such a scene. Clever!

  4. Dearest MrsC,

    I beamed when I saw the off the shoulder dress on stage, I so got the GWTW reference and I fair purred when I saw her twirling transformation. That and all the other thoughtful, subtle and clever costuming touches added so much to the performance (which was astounding BTW!). All this was done with love, dedication, but no budget and to a tight schedule. So, as usual, I am in awe of your ability and feel very lucky to be your friend (MadameO)