Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Emma & Michael Quilt revealed!

This is the finished quilt. Sue quilted it for me with musical notes, so preetty!
MrC is holding it up - it's about 150cm square (5 ft x 5 ft).

 And THIS is the back. I got this hilarious Wizard of Oz panel fabric recently, because it was on special. It is so bad, it's good!!
I used up all of the extra bits to make the back big enough.
 The binding fabric was the one that didn't end up in the quilt itself - it is covered in punctuation marks.
I do so love it! And so do they. Even though they only got it for one night before having to give it back to me so I can display it for a while in the shop! heehee!
Quilters are notorious for this - because our work is sometimes needed for talks, exhibitions and classes. We always give them back however...eventually!


  1. How lovely - lots of great detail sewn with love.

  2. Wow this quilt is amazing and s beautifully made! I love all the different fabrics in it, gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way, very kind of you! XxxX

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,
    That's happiness in 2D, which has made happiness in 3D, live!

    Pretty neat, I must say.

    Very best,


  4. Wow, the different prints work so well! I'd take so much time to choose them, lol! I love the Wizard of Oz on the back, haha :) What lucky friends of yours..

  5. Its a very distinctive quilt. Its almost a peice of pop art.

  6. I have just seen this Mrs C - very nice! I am sure it was appreciated =)