Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Awesome pics

I am a terrible photographer. I own a camera with enough smarts to join Mensa, but I don't know how to drive it. One day I will learn how to do a better job. In the mean time, if I REALLY need good photos, I turn to my wonderful friend Sarah, aka Diana Villiers. She is an amazing photographer, and her work has featured here before (including my profile photo).
So, I thought it would be fun to share some photos she has taken of my makes recently, for Pinteresting purposes.
 Pillowcase dresses on the line.
 Close up of details.Such a crisp photo, makes me so happy!
 Felt rose as previously blogged about.
 Neat setting on the sewing machine!
 Happy tea cosy! All tea cosies are happy aren't they?
Oh that is such a great pic. 
I swear my stuff looks much better in a good photo! And I am SO grateful to Sarah/Diana for being the Goddess of the Lens!


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Every one of those photos is a happy one. The one of aprons hanging on the line is especially intriguing. The bright colors against the Rock of Ages... say, that is some boulder. Is that in your garden?



    1. Her garden, not mine, and that is a retaining wall! Looks amazingly rocklike though! :)