Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I woke up three days ago with a pain in my right hip that left me hardly able to move. Even after a session with my osteopath, it is still very sore indeed. So it is cramping my style and no sewing is being done, as I feel better moving not sitting anyway.
But on a much happier note, I have won a giveaway! Rachel at House of Pinheiro drew my name for a free copy of The Newcastle Cardigan from Thread Theory.
My initial response to this pattern was that it is too hipster for my 50+ year old beloved, but then there was another photo of it being modelled by an older man and I could see how versatile it is. That is exciting!
It's still not MrC's cup of tea, but I have other men in my life who I can truly see rocking this look. I can hardly wait to get cutting!


  1. It's certainly nice to see the models of that pattern cover such a large range of ages! It's still style-specific for some people (like your husband, or my father, I'd imagine), but it gives a much better idea of what the patterns can do.

    Get well soon!

  2. Congratulations! I too noticed the wiser gentleman wearing it and thought it was a great idea - that's what moved me to enter the giveaway too.
    Hope you can get to the bottom of you sore hip soon. Take care and drink lots of tea.

  3. You poor puppy. I hope that you get better soon. That is a great cardi pattern. Try to talk Mr C into it - there is lots of ways to personalise.

    1. He'll live, Beajay - I've got three more shirts in the pipeline for him and three friends very keen to get a Newcastle made for them so my real problem is finding time to get my own sewing done for me! :)

  4. So sorry your in pain, Hope you feel better soon.. Congrats on winning the pattern..

  5. Dear Mrs. C.,

    Ow indeed! Has the pain faded? It appears so from the fitting lecture post. Here's crossing fingers...

    Very best,