Monday, June 17, 2013

Where I have been

MrC and I have been away for a Friday night-Monday afternoon looong weekend. Our first break in over a year. Our first more-than-one-day-off-in-a-row in 18 months. It was FANTASTIC!!
We stayed in a straw bale house, and I am now adding this style of architecture and construction to my homelust list.

 Living room - get a load of those curvy, organic walls.

  The entrance to each bedroom was through the curved space, so cool.

  VERY comfortable bed.

 Outdoor shot.

Instant flames. I missed the process of lighting and maintaining a real fire, but this was a lot less effort.

This bath was so comfortable, I spent a significant percentage of the weekend in it with my Kindle reading historic romances by Loretta Chase. Guiltless pleasures.
As well as lounging around reading and soaking and enjoying the fire, we went winery-ing. I love winery-ing - visiting micro wineries and talking to the wine makers who are so passionate about their wares. I love hanging out with anyone who is passionate about what they make, and when what they make tastes delicious, it's even better.
Naturally, we discussed our business a lot, and came up with a new initiative that may (or may not) come to life in the next couple of months. With everything else to do it is a big commitment, but like most things in life, it is a natural progression.
Martinborough, where we went, is a small township laid out like the Union Jack, with a huge square in the centre. It used to be dairy country, but about 30 years ago, people started planting grapes and now it is famous for its wineries, and subsequently, for gorgeous shops, cafes and events. It manages to cater to great hoards of incoming weekenders while still feeling very much like a cohesive community, and that is what draws us back over and again.
And so, I am back to reality, shaping my next post about fitting, and looking into the logistics of our new idea. I have summoned a focus group, have already started testing samples with members of the top demographic and feel reenergised!!
Watch out! xo


  1. Looks like a great place to stay. Glad you enjoyed some time away from the shops and work.

  2. It is really easy to pour everything into your business, so to have a couple of days to yourself can be so re-energised - good on you for getting away for a weekend.

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,
    What a place to stay. I've not seen a straw bale house that handsome. Of course, have never seen a real one at all, only pictures, but your getaway spot was faboo!

    So happy that you had time off; recharging is so, so necessary to avoid a case of the run-downs.

    Very best to you, and indeed, have been wondering what you've been up to.


  4. Why Mrs C, That looks like a wonderful place to stay. I quite understand your enthusiasm. And new ideas: how exciting.Good on the two of you for getting away. I think we last did that in 2004....
    Isn't distance great for perspective. Looking forward to watching it all unfold.