Thursday, November 28, 2013

On Water, the usefulness of which depends on its location...

By Jingo, water is great stuff. It keeps us alive, makes the crops grow, fish live in it.
However, it has no business coming through a ceiling.
This morning my shop manager called to say a mannequin had fallen through the ceiling of our little shop. I thought I had misheard. A MANNEQUIN falling through a ceiling??? Sounds a bit like too much sniffing of the white board markers!
And yet, here it is! Hanging on as if for dear life. It turns out that at some point, probably years ago, some shop owner's idea of a leak fix was to put this hollow backed mannequin up in the ceiling to catch the water. Once it was full and overflowing, the water just kept seeping into the tiles until it gave way, and a whole mannequin's worth of dirty water fell into our shop.
Right down our knitting needles and patterns. Erk.
Knitting patterns when wet make great papier mache, and that's about it!

And yet, I am thankful. For a great day's trading, in spite of the mess, for discovering the problem before it got any worse (the builder sent to fix it found several other overflowing containers along the edge of the ceiling!) and for a beautiful day today...

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Oh dear - that poor mannequin hanging there. And poor Mrs C with a shop covered in dirty water. Love your bright outlook on it all.

    1. It certainly got my landlord interested in us, that has to be good! And finally we get a nice white ceiling! :)

  2. I am so sorry your knitting patterns got ruined. Proud you found the problem, as you said, before it got worse..
    Happy business was good.

    1. It's funny how the nitting ptterns are now just a soggy lump. All those potential garments that will now not get made. Though of course now I can restock with the ones I really want, and the baby pattern rep is coming first thing tomorrow so it's all good! :)

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Body parts filled with old water in your ceiling? BIZARRE. Thankfully you have the attitude to take it in stride, and heaven approved, sending shoppers your way.
    Very best,

    1. That's what is such fun about it! If it had been a boring old bucket, I think I would have been quite deflated. But the image of the mannequin hanging on for dear life is so very...silly? Apt for a sewing supplies shop? Mad? All of teh above? I never signed up for a boring life that is for sure :) xo