Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spam....a lot!

Oh my I am being spammified big time. It's doing wonders for my stats, but I'd rather have quality, thank you.
Amazingly however, not a single spam comment has made it past the spam filter of Blogger. Yes, I get email notifications that these comments are on x or y post, but they aren't. It is a wonderful service.
And so, no horrible Captcha for this blog. And I strongly urge anyone who has Captcha enabled to please turn it off? It is a horrible thing to use if your eyesight is not fab like mine, and/or you are using a netbook like me so the blurry writing is tiny!
I can promise you that trusty ol' Blogger won't let the hockers of sunglasses and whatever post comments on your lovely blog :)


  1. Yes - I hate captcha too - problem is a lot of people don't know they have it on. Recently it started to get better - clear numbers instead of fuzzy non-words that I had to stand on my head and squint sideways to decipher - but alas - back to its rubbish

    1. So true! As we never enter our own blogs like other users do, and it is a default setting. It is so annoying!