Thursday, July 17, 2014

Opening Night!!

Goodness me this showbiz malarkey is stressful! But such fun! And it's good for business too, the shop has been quite busy given it is so cold here most of the city is going into hibernation. I hope people will come out to see the show in the cold though.
Anyway, another costume share just quickly before I dash off to my last rehearsal.
A few years ago, I bought a bunch of lingerie, including the rather lovely brown bustiere below. It is super comfortable as a party top, and when Constance appeared I decided to include it in her costumes. But could I find it Heck no! I pulled the house apart, but no joy. So finally I went back to eBay and was delighted to see another one listed. Indeed there still is one listed, as it is where I pulled the photo. The seller must have a warehouse full of them as I bought the first one about seven years ago!
You know how when you give up on finding something it reappears days later? Upon retrieving a suitcase from the high cupboard recently, we found that all the missing items were in it.
Cute huh? But a girl only needs one!
So earlier this week, I pulled out the mannequin, cinched it into my measurements when cinched, and draped, pinned and tacked it into this:
The gold is left over from trimming Twisted Fate and MrC's Steampunk cossie. I was going to tuck all the edges under and hand stitch them but after trimming, I then rearranged the overlap to drape further around, so the cut edges all came up into the garment. No allowance for tucking under. So, I unearthed the lovely pieces of gold guipure lace, cut and pinned and sewed and covered them all up. I rather like the result.
Then I realised it needed to be seen from space, of course, so glued a bunch of hologram sequins onto it. Yes, I GLUED them. Time is a harsh mistress!
 Pic without flash.
So this little top will be worn under the gold tiger top, the WTF purple coat I've not blogged about yet, and with the black fishtail skirt that is Constance's signature garment. And shall remain so until I get an idea of an alternative!
Wish me luck! xo


  1. Looks gorgeous. Love the rich colour and the sparkles. Good luck.

    1. Thank you Beaj! And it's surprisingly comfortable too!

  2. Wowsers this is fantastic.

  3. i love this - and great to see how using a foundation garment you can make it into somehting AMAZEBaLLs!

  4. Please post a picture of you wearing this! It looks amazing. And I love the "seen from space" rule that Constance has