Saturday, April 11, 2015

My First Fiftieth Party

Because I am intending to have a few more! ;-) I know ad love FAR too many people to have just one party, so I've decided to have several.
This one was the closest to the actual date, and was very, very special.

 The whole gang on Sunday evening - friends from Wellington who came over for the weekend and friends from the Wairarapa who came over for dinner. From left running up that side of the table then down the right: Chris, Hedy (standing), MrC (standing) Ann, Terry, Katherine, Jo (almost entirely hidden), Me, Mike, Sue (you can just see the back of her head) John, Maria, Steve, Martin, and Paul.
 This is me in my bunny ears made by Paul, having just cut my surprise birthday cake made by sister Jo!
Fifty years teaches you how to blow out birthday candles easily. ;-)
But oh, would you believe I got a song sung in my honour! To the tune of Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy, each lot of friends wrote a verse and sang it, about me in their lives. I simply have o share it with you because it is SO good! Terry master minded this surprise, and it was very moving - I was conducting and blubbing at the same time!

Verse 1 (Jo my sister)
Born the second child of a florist and joiner
Had a love of puddles and a go at being a dancer
I wasn’t there when you got your special name
But Dolly you are and there’s no one else the same

Verse 2 (Ross my bff of 37 years)
We met in the third form at Hutt Valley High
Already a fag hag out there on the sly
It was always next to you in Latin we’d meet
A loyal friend you were to let me cheat

Fifty years since you began
Swooping through the Hutt and on without reserve
And did I hear you say
Constance’s taking it to the stage
To get the adoration you deserve

Verse 3 (Terry; Ross's partner and my partner in much mischief)
It’s twenty years since Ross’s thirtieth party
I remember thinking you were you oh so arty
Since then we’ve founded the maximalist fabulous movement
Over six margueritas we laughed to our amusement (it was 7, actually but who's counting!)

Verse 4 (MrC)
Fourteen years since we met that night online
Who would know that you would soon be mine
It’s been a roller coaster from the start
But the thing that’s got us through is your warm heart
Verse 5 (Ann, who is just wonderful)
She’s 41 and allegedly she’s turned fifty
All the folks round Cuba say she’s nifty
‘Cause there’s naught to which she cannot turn her hand
‘Specially with that mysterious dark-haired man

Verse 6 (Chris and Paul, who I met when Paul came into the shop and we are now firm friends!)
On a quest to craft and get our sparkle flare on
Graced to meet beauty down at Made-on-Marion
Creative, dramatic and a good Samaritan
To befriend another immigrant gay American

Verse 7 (Ann again - this verse in honour of the day Ann, Terry and Ross were all on the same plane and fell in love with one another, before they then found out that they all knew me! I love that kind of crazy coincidence!)
She’s thoughtful and she’s generous and she’s witty
Otherwise we wouldn’t be singing this ditty
But once she forgot to introduce her friends
Left it to Air NZ to make amends

I also must acknowledge Hedy who eschewed a verse in favour of accompanying us on the ukelele. It was marvellous!
You know, nothing beats having wonderful people in one's life. :)


  1. Happy first fiftieth. Looks like a great party.

    1. It sure was! Eventually the singing got out of hand and those whose tolerance for it reached its limits went into the living room, such are parties hehe. But it was awesome!

  2. I agree who says you can only have one birthday party - I love the ditty - that is just beautiful. Happy Birthday =)

    1. It was MAD, and so unexpected, too. I am hard to slip surprises by but that one was a genuine surprise!

  3. Now that's my idea of a great birthday party!

    1. It sure was! And they get better the older we get too :)

  4. What a wonderful present and what lovely friends and family. X

    1. I am very, very blessed with the people in my life. :)

  5. Happy (probably belated) birthday!!! If it was on the 11th, you share a b-day with my Mom, and if it was on the 12th, you share it with my boyfriend! No matter what though, I'll probably remember it's your birthday week around this time every year! :D Hope your birthday week/month/PARTIES are amazing.

    1. Ah, it was all the way back o the 1st. But who's counting! The more Aries Faires the better!

  6. A very happy birthday to you! The fifties are a neat decade!

    Very best and many, many more parties,


    1. I am loving it already, Natalie! Apart from pacing myself a little more because of energy and body, I am more full of vim and verve than ever! :)

  7. When are we going to arrange this high/tea picnic out at the beach that we discussed! We must begin planning pronto!

    1. Erk, no beaches, but afternoon tea yes. When energy is back. Or before then as it seems to not be happening hehe