Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flaming Nora's Cavalcade of Tomfoolery

It's a thing! It happens in Wellington to celebrate Spring arriving in the Capital of Dressing Up! A costume parade and competition that happens along the vibrant waterfront of our city.
We sponsored the Most Joyful category of the competition. And sure enough, after a week of the most rubbish weather you can imagine, the day was stunning!! The World of Wearable Arts aka WOW is on for the next two weeks but it is a coincidence that this fun event has happened at the same time as the Council made them move it from the original date which was not. It's a happy coincidence though.

 Some gorgeoous goldfish, Thing 1 and Thing 2.
 Some of Capital Steampunk, with Mrs Hudson (The Younger) in her wonderfully patriotic gown.
Two gorgeous "ladies" (not really ladies!) visiting the Colonies.
 Wally, or Waldo, who spent the whole parade hiding behind people. She was so sweet!
 A couple of fab costumes originally made as WOW entries
 A  Steampunker in a Blueprint jacket. So clever!
 I loved this entry - Mum, Dad and their son playing Nemo. The anenomes are just throw rugs safety pinned on and a bunch of skinny ballons around their necks. SO CLEVER!! And so lovely to see a family together.
 Another shot of Nemo as he is so gorgeous!
 Me presenting a prize to these two clever sculptures.
 Cavalcading along the waterfront!
Cavalcading. My gosh it was one beautiful day!


  1. Well, I think your outfit is fabulous!

  2. How have I never known this was a thing??

    1. Weell, it WAS the first year. But it won't be the last that is for sure!

  3. OH my gosh, that looked like so much fun! The costumes are so awesome, and your outfit looked fantastic!

  4. Oh yes, so much FUN! How wonderful that you were able to give out prizes. I agree, the Nemo trio had some mighty powerful imaginations to come up with these costumes. I love your costume as well. But then you always have flair!

  5. What a great idea.... the only dressing-up over here is for that wretched Halloween.

    1. It's so ghastly isn't it. And slutty versions of everything, children in cheap nylon bought costumes depicting commercial characters from Disney movies. BAH!!!