Friday, November 6, 2015

Building a Christmas Tree Dress

I saw a few of these online and had to make one for the shop. Like Dior made Christmas his own!
So, last Sunday MrC and I purchased a 210cm tall artificial tree, some new lights and baubles, and on Thursday I got stuck in. The mannequin is a new one that is technically for sale in the shop and I felt its black and cream dramatic patterning lent itself to the concept.
I am really uncomfortable with heights even little ones, and working on the 3 foot high display dais was pretty freaky for me. Because taking pics meant getting down and up off it, I didn't capture every stage in the process but here's how I did.
 The mannequin before.
 I tied the small, fluffy branches around the leg to create a petticoat. Tied on with cotton tape.
 The next stage involved gun stapling another layer of longer branches to the underside of the mannequin. Then a layer of the longest branches hooked through a cotton tape around the waist. 
At this stage the weight of the branches caused the base of the mannequin to bust. So, we took the three little feet off and just propped it on a angle into the corner! The skirt is only around the front so it needed an angle to stop it toppling forward.
 Lights! Pink organza around the waist to hide the workings.
 I changed the organza sash to be deeper with no bow, made a necklace out of baubles and hung the baubles, of course.
 The almost completed display  - fake presents and Mel's clever Wall tree made from decreasing rolled up strips of wrapping paper.
A close up of the adorable dress ornaments I bought in Greytown. The six of them cost more than all the baubles but they had to be bought, right? 

I am in love with this display, no other way to put it!


  1. What a clever idea! And it looks beautiful too, no wonder you love it.

  2. As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was your post! Although I totally thought you were building a Christmas tree dress to wear. :D It turned out awesome!

  3. Very clever - I need to come in and see before the dress form sells lol

  4. Looks amazing! Although i also thought you were making a christmas tree shaped dress for one of your shows (which would be amazing too!)

  5. Awesome display! Those dress ornaments are priceless and I sure couldn't have walked away from those.