Friday, July 1, 2016

Just a quickie!

It's all on Chez Iron, getting costumes and props ready for the Viva Frida! show at Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North. Only days away! So this today's job has been making my skirt, out of the most delicious sequin net, resplendent with massive sequinned flowers in sunset hues.
My idea was to mount a full circle of the net onto 75mm black elastic, because my waistline is so very variable. It is going on over a black corset top so the blacks will blend together.
However, I want the flowers at the top of the skirt to sort of blend into the top, as if it is all one. So, tonight I am hand stitching flowers over the join. To maintain the stretch, I've popped the whole thing over two chair backs arranged in a triangle approximating the circumference of my substantial waist.
I'm trying out the camera on my laptop thing. The light is quite odd as I have a mega bright work lamp pointing at it. Anyway this is what it looks like, complete with my dressing gown clad knees.
The magnifying glass is one of the things attached to my lamp - it doesn't really do it for me so I've pushed it out of the way. You may be able to make out the tops of my pins as I've yet to sew this lot of flowers down. Nearly half way.
It's quite surreal sitting here typing this in exactly the same position as this photo, so my view is your view.
The net where not sequinned is very sheer, but I am floofling it out with another skirt of mine made from black silk chiffon over burgundy satin. I wore it last in 2007 and am quite pleased I hung onto it now!
I think it will be worth it. The whole costume is so OTT, even for me! More soon! Enjoy your weekends!


  1. beautiful... Cant wait to see you in it.. you have such an amazing fun life..
    And genius to use the chairs..
    Hope you and family have a wonderful July 4th.

    1. Thank you Judy! The chair thing is so useful, also for winding yarn hehe. For us, 4 July is not a holiday as it is not our independence day, but I always think of my friends in the US and send them happy thoughts! xo

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous. I love a bit of Frida-style and I am looking forward to seeing the finished outfit. It will be very glam. Xx