Sunday, September 30, 2018

Test run!

Hello all! Last night at my favourite little bar S&Ms,* I tried out the wee show that I'll be doing in Glasgow on 10 November. A group of diverse and devoted friends and fans turned up, and it was lovely to look down upon such a warm room, as we say.
It's been quite a week. It started on Monday with a funeral of a friend from the Burlesque community who died suddenly of a stroke. She was only a year older than me and we are all heartbroken. I had the privilege of speaking on behalf of our community, and at her husband's request, we formed an ostrich feather fan of honour over her coffin as it was carried out. Sober times, but as is so often the case at a funeral, the sheer goodness of people is also moving.
I spent Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday with my darling sis Jo and a bunch of other quilters at a retreat. It was SO GOOD to hang out with these wonderful women, and churn out a whole range of things! I love binge sewing and retreats are heaven - no interruptions, no cooking, just sewing.
Because I was performing in a fundraiser in the afternoon as well as the evening show, I went home late on Saturday. I had also reached an impasse with the quilt project I was working on, as one does.
The things that happened in the rest of the week I can' share about but they are huge. When some kind of way forward is found, I will share.
For today, getting my passport updated before I leave in three weeks is a priority!

*Stands for Scotty and Mal the owners, not something else!


  1. Glasgow is a great town. I hope you enjoy performing there.

    I'm sorry to read of the loss of your friend. The forming of an ostrich feather fan over her coffin as it was carried out sounds like a wonderful touch.

    Upon first read, S&Ms did sound a bit naughty, I'm not gonna lie.

    1. Hi Bea! It's a pretty fun place but not much in way of leather and whips hehe. As for the funeral, you know a husband really loved and understood his wife when he asks for something like that to happen in the face of tradition. <3