Monday, January 7, 2019

You've got to Move it, Move it!

 Finally moving day is here for Made Marion Craft, our little but thriving business in Wellington.
Assisted by a small but perfectly formed army of volunteers, everything got packed up by close of business Sunday and all we had to do today (Monday) was get the furniture coded for the movers who arrived at lunch time. It was weird being sort of open but not really. And there being nothing to do for a few hours.
And now just about half of the stuff is over there; through friends with big cars or vans on Sunday taking the odd shaped things like mannequins, spinning wheels and racks, and the movers arriving today at lunchtime and whipping out most of the furniture.
The photos below show the incredible back room that will be our storage and staff area. It has a mezzanine and graffiti!! For some reason these two elements combined seem incredibly edgy to me!

It's scary but also exciting to be growing, sort of (much, MUCH busier part of town, more rent, more classes etc) when other shops are folding. We're holding our own which is a good feeling.
Tomorrow, more moving, more unpacking, rinse and repeat for the rest of the week. I will take some pics of the new space as it develops. Today I was too comatose!
P.S. Cuba St is very edgy. We're all deciding how to rise to the occasion. I feel I should get more tattoos, there may be dreadlocks and pyjamas or leather studded wrist bands. Curly moustaches, it's all here! 


  1. Cuba St. sounds edgy. Yes, grow a curly moustache.

  2. Mark the occasion by getting a piercing. Maybe a lip ring? Are those still in fashion? ;)

    1. LOLZ I can honestly say I have zero desire to have a lip ring! Or an eyebrow one, interferes with blocking my brows. And also, corporate wallah. I shall volunteer the husband to get one though hehe.