Monday, December 9, 2019

Sydney Food!

Well!!! We spent Tuesday to Friday in Sydney last week. It was hard going, what with the humid heat and the bushfire smoke, which is super distressing given the implications of it. :(
However, I did experience a culinary delight known as The Bite. This is a large falafel with avocado in the middle.
It is basically a vegan scotch egg.
I had it three days in a row for brunch.
Now I have to convince a cafe in Wellington to serve it so I can have it here. The mushrooms and salad are the perfect complement.
I mean, I'd not give up actual scotch eggs - I'm not as into them as a certain Welsh blogger, but they are pretty delicious.
Still, the melt in the mouth combo of falafel and avo, yum!!!!


  1. Ultra-yum! Sounds, and looks, a fabulous dish.

    Yes, reading about the bushfires and the terrible fire season in California and the Amazon, and Borneo; it's deeply upsetting. I look at my boys...and the trees, all friends, in our garden, and worry.

    1. It's awful isn't it. And to think the ones in NSW were LIT. What kind of an eejit does that...