Monday, September 16, 2019

Somewhere safe?!

I put my current passport somewhere safe a few months ago. SO SAFE, neither I nor David nor the two kids are able to find it. It has vanished. Gah.
So, I just forked out nearly $400 for a replacement to make sure I get it in time.
All this for a tiny boring book with terrible illustrations...

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Monday, September 9, 2019

20 days and counting...

September got here and it's already over a week old and only 20 days until I get on a plane!!
I am working not silly hours, tying up the last bits of work to completely my two contracts. I finally have time to breathe. And with every chance of a week off before I depart.
Due to a throat that was threatening to turn really nasty, I bailed on the show in Tauranga. It meant a precious four days at home and while I was REALLY SAD and had massive FOMO, I also got my living room tidied up, breaking down piles of C-rap that had solidified over the years. I mean, the walls are not lined with piled up newspapers, it's nothing like that, just clutter.
Now I can see surfaces! I found things!
There's something in all of this tidying, I feel calmer. But then, looking around my six paisley living room, calmness is all relative.
This evening I picked the boy up from the airport after his extended weekend stage managing the show and hanging out with friends, and I was missed.
I love this photo. I look like a 1940s stage comedian!!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

September LOOMS!!

Life is packed right now. With the end of August looming, I am looking at September with the apprehension I feel at the top of a steep slope.
Since my last post, I have been accepted into the Arizona Burlesque Festival, which is very exciting, the only downside being that I had to rejig my flights, cut NYC out of my trip, and pay silly money to reroute my flights from Canada to Phoenix instead.
BUT, though I don't get to meet a very old and dear friend in NYC, I DO get to hang out in Tucson with another old and dear friend who lives there!
So, it's all good.
Stateside friends: I'm in Vancouver 29 Sept-3 October, in Saskatoon 3-8 October, Tucson 8-14 October.
We just did shows Thursday AND Friday nights, and with only a week of august left, I'm not sure what September is bringing work-wise. No contract extensions as yet confirmed, no
I'm in Tauranga 6-7 September doing Trianja then on 21 September I'll be in Raglan hosting a fundraiser for another performer Sapphira L'Amour who is off to the Czech Republic for the Bohemian Festival. Payin' it forward as you do, after the wonderful one my friends helped us to do in Wellington on 6 July. It's called Soiree!
SO, I have a month of mystery ahead of me! it had better cough up some money as well as fun!
 Me on Thursday night, feeling the pressure of getting a gig off the ground on a week night!
My beautiful son and his "Baby Daddy" Debbie. We have a complex family structure hehe

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Big or little?

What is more interesting; the big things that happen, or the little things?

Big things:

We had a huge fundraiser show on 6 July to support my trip to Canada in Sept/Oct, with performing friends descending upon Wellington from all over New Zealand to give their time and talent.

And on Sunday 7th my mum had her 80th birthday concert, which I hosted. My extended but not very far family all performed. No photos as my brother in law, the person most likely to take photos, went to Hawaii a couple of days later.

Little things:

I have had two weeks of almost no work as I've had some kind of fluey thing and my brain was mush.This week I feel normal again thank goodness. A big week with the guest spot at the Southern Cross Music Quiz. My little achievement that makes me happy is that I played the guitar again. But instead of just three chords, I busted out 11!!! In order to be able to play snippets of ten songs (the teams have to guess what they are and what the theme is) I called on 35 year old muscle memory. It's amazing what the body remembers!
Also, no photos.
Everything else is making shows that are coming up - three in production - and work. Which I can't talk about, but then again it is pretty dull!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

On night clubs and meaningful conversations

After last evening's show I was persuaded to go out on the razzle. My normal post show routine involves heading home for bed! Instead my friend Wendy and I ended up at LuLus, a "tiki" bar famous for its ridiculous cocktails. We got in pina coladas in pineapple shaped glasses, then headed down the back to find a table.
Now I'm in full show sequin gown, crazy makeup and tall hair, not exactly blending in, and we got summoned to a table by two gorgeous young women sharing a bowl cocktail. An amazing conversation about life and being a woman; and I showed Sera a photo of me without all the stage makeup. Here eyes lit up and she said, "Can I tell you a story? A few weeks ago I was in Moore Wilson (supermarket) and this lovely woman told me she loved my eyelashes. I'd just got the extensions done and was feeling weird about them and I said back to her, "Oh, they're not mine." The lady said to me, "honey, you paid for them, they're yours, own it, I know what I'm talking about, I'm a drag queen!"
That woman was me! I remembered pretty quickly. And there I was with my lashes and paddings and addings in my hair living proof of my own advice hehe. She told me it made a big difference to her.
It was a magic moment indeed.

They left before we did and I ended up sitting at a table with a bunch of young men one of whom tried to convince me they were a singing group like the ten tenors. I wanted to believe him but after asking a couple of questions it was clear he didn't know anything about singing! But it was good fun and we chatted happily until I left.

I might add that a lot more pina coladas were consumed after that first one and my memories of bits of the night are not great. And also, getting drunk on sickly cocktails is not a success strategy for a pleasant night's sleep. It was heaps of fun but I think I'll return to the usual rituals like visiting the all night bakery, sharing a cuppa with any friend staying over, or just taking off my face and taking down my hair and hitting the sack!!
Not your average night club patron!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ageing gracefully!

This is me about 12 years ago. Short hair, a bit slimmer and living in a different city.
This photo came from a photo shoot with a lovely friend who is quite a famous photographer here in NZ. he asked me to do a trade to assist with some sewing, and we did this shoot at 8am on a week day!
I remember we were both jammed up against one of those big lights, with a reflector disc just below the level of the shot. He is very tall and is silhouetted in the reflection in my eyes.Very arty!
The view past him and the light was piles of leisurewear as they were shooting a catalogue.
I absolutely love it when life occurs with these ridiculous contrasts. So grounding!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I'm a Granny!

This little bundle of human is my step grand-daughter. She's in a different city so I've not met her in person yet but I will soon. I can't wait for snuggles! She's just gorgeous and her lovely parents are understandably besotted. So are her aunties, grandparents and, well, everyone!
A few months ago my step daughter asked us all what we wanted to be called - this kid has three grandmothers and three grandfathers. I chose Mamush, which is what my nieces and nephew call me, so as to leave all the G names to the other two.
I'm too young for this!! But also, I'm not! Eep! Tips welcome!