Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Money! We all need it!

 A bit of a laugh for you all. On the 24th Hansel and I did a gig in Christchurch - we did a couple of spots but this is the first one I got video for so here you are!

People love this act because after the first song, which is from 42nd St, it's all really famous songs - but it takes a couple of moments to recognise them and the laughter tracks on that.

I blinking love getting on stage in this ridiculous costume!! But it someone told me seven years ago that I'd be doing it, I'd have died. Just goes to show you can do anything if you get used to it! ;-)

Huge props to Ray Shipley our MC. It was their first time hosting a variety show and they warmed up to it over the course of the night to being so hyped they were shrieking by the end and jumping around the stage! Total babe!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Comedy School

 This year I am taking on learning new things. It's been a while since I put myself into a course of any kind, and it's awesome!

First up - NZ Comedy School, with this guy, Neil Thornton. One of the kindest, funniest and most aware men I've ever known.

We hosted an award show together once. Didn't actually plan our costumes, but this happened!

Neil is from New York, came here with his doctor husband, and decided to take on the stand up comedy scene like a boss. 

It's a four class, two one-on-one sessions course culminating in a graduation show at the Fringe Bar. Mine is this Thursday. Eep!

I've done stand up before and I do funny stuff on stage all the time, but never with any kind of writing basis, because the idea of planning to say something and crafting it is confronting. What if it's no good?

But I'm pushing through and having fun. Why? OMG i would love to do gigs where it doesn't take 2 hours of hair and makeup and costuming!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Put your lashes on?!

 I'm internationally famous in my own home town. Yee Haw. 

This article come out in print tomorrow but thanks to the cleverness of the interwebs, the online is available today.

Photo by Aden Meser Photography

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Cuba Dupa at last!

 Cuba Dupa actually happened this year. The last two were curtailed by the mosque massacre in 2019 and the plague in 2020. So, much relief when the early showers cleared well before noon and an estimated 120,000 people took to Wellington's Cuba Quarter with fun in mind!

 Me? I heard it. I went in the back door of our Cuba St shop, and out again. I never left the shop. I knew people would come to say hello, we had a wonderful guest artist in our shop, and I was happier out of the crowds. I love that it happens and I am happy to stay on the perimeter. Crowds are not my jam.

Here are some photos screen captured from the Facebook page. The originals are here.

My friend Jane second top left in full colourful steam punk

 I feel these photos capture the spirit of the event. It is HUGE. I can't believe we get to do this in the times of plague, but we're case free for some time now. I hope you all, whatever country you're in, get to mix and mingle safely again soon xo

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Menagerie

 Alright, stop me if you've heard this one: What's huge, terrifying, and hangs out in an alley?

Us!!! Photo of Clever Hansel pointing to a poster of us on the day of The Menagerie. I thought I had posted about it already, but as I didn't here we go!

May be an image of 2 people 

The original photo by Aden Meser Photography. Colourful!!! Somehow in every photo from this photoshoot, my legs were hidden and it became quite a running joke. 

 And here's proof it actually happened!!!!! The stage is huge -the venue has 1500 seats and 1100 of them had bums on.

Friday, March 19, 2021

A day in a life!

Saturday 13 March dawned fine and clear - perfect for a 24 hour whirlwind trip to Christchurch. The reason was to judge and perform at Bling it On, New Zealand's only burlesque contest for group acts.

As a country we practise contact tracing through a QR code app, and wear masks on public transport, including planes. It's a tiny price to pay for continuing a reasonably free lifestyle within our own borders. I love this mask - it has an internal pocket for a tissue which helps to keep it fresh to wear even in warm weather. A lovely day for flying!

My favourite flying pig mask seemed appropriate for a plane ride

 I got picked up by my lovely friend Jacinta and after a flying visit to take our friend Adele out for coffee, it was home to slap on a pound of warpaint and don a sequinned dress.
Glamour for an evening of judging and belting out a song

After a marathon 3+ hour show, where we lucky judges got front row seats, even though we had to mark and write notes frantically during the MC breaks, and I was so blown away by the improved quality of performances from five years go when I hosted the first show in 2017.

The glamour of all the performers onstage for the curtain call and awards. So proud!

It was a very late night then up earlyish to eat a delicious breakfast cooked by Jacinta's husband Craig, and back to the airport again to return home to a Sunday of relaxing.

It's a busy time for me as I hate being bored so kept my life full of things to do while waiting for a full time contract, and now I have one I am working through those commitments while only picking up a few more. The NZ Fringe Festival is in full swing in Wellington, so I am also reviewing a couple of nights a week - going to a show then getting home to write 300-400 erudite words about it before I can get to bed before my 7am alarm goes off.

I'm sure I will get used to it - I always do! I guess it was apt that the song I performed was Grin and Bare it from the TV show Smash!

Monday, March 15, 2021

Bye Bye Bed!

 While new job fervour continues, so does adapting to being home in our own place.

MrC aka David, bought a cast iron antique bedstead 40 years ago, and it is the only bed we've had, although the actual sleeping bit was transformed into a queen size in about 2004.

I love it to bits, but it jangles like a tambourine when anyone moves or there's even a tiny earthquake, and in our exceptionally narrow bedroom it made getting around the end of it pretty tricky.

So, given the mattress needed an upgrade anyway, we decided that now was the time for a new bed, which arrived last Thursday.

Dang it is pretty. And my wedding day horseshoe has hung off this bed head since our wedding night!

It component parts. The brass could do with a polish, but I rather like it dull and old looking. Like me.

Anyway I posted on Facebook if anyone wanted a brass bed and within 12 hours had a very keen taker - actually someone who, had I had time to think about it, I would have just asked straight away. You know some people just are brass bed types!

So, now we have a goodly extra 25cm at the end of the new bed. But oh my it is so boring. We have plans to make a splendid head board of some sort to compensate. 

but one that is comfortable to sit up against this time!