Saturday, May 24, 2014


This weekend so far I have:
Taught two classes - patchwork quilts and lampshade making
Briefly but joyously got to hang out with the fabulous WSBN, on a purposeful tour of shops and workroom sales with an Overseas Visitor,
Hand stitched the binding on 3/4 of one of those quilts, AT THE PUB
Did some pretty rusty but fun shimmying to the band at said pub once I got bored of sewing
Attempted a selfie. Fail. However, Daughter #2 showed me how to teach Swipey on my new smart phone to curse. She is so badly brought up!;-)
Slept a good long time
Woken up, read until my Kindle battery died (real books don't really do that, it is a point in their favour!)
Put on a load of washing, tidied the flat, made an espresso,
And here I am, in my robe, catching up.

Note that at no point have I furthered my preparations for next weekend. But never fear, if you have invested $15NZ in coming to hear me rant speak, all will be well on the day!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why so Quiet around here?

Typical! SO much interesting stuff happening means so little time to share it with you!
In less than two weeks, I am giving two lectures and a class at the huge HandMade convention here in Wellington.
For some reason best known only to the event organisers, and independent of consulting me, my lectures are at 9am and 5.30pm. I wonder if they thought I needed a break? ;-) I appear to be the only person giving two lectures anyway.
If you are in Wellington over Queens Birthday Weekend, DO come and listen to me bang on, wave my arms around and use inappropriate humour to get across what I suspect may be some pretty useful stuff, if last year's feedback is anything to go by.
Lecture 1 at 9am is on Pattern matching. My adventures with MrC's shirts and the response they have had led me to think that it's something people would like to know more about. So, we're doing that.
Lecture 2 is called 10 top tips for a great fit - because I really didn't know what  I was going to talk about and it sounded very together. One has to come up with these things AGES beforehand and so a certain amount of leeway is required I feel. I will be focussing on getting your clothes to SIT correctly, an area that is as frustrating to many sewists as FIT can be. And I will of course spend a little time in justifying it ;-)
The class is at 2pm and is the infamous making cushions out of teatowels class. To which people can bring kids.
Also featuring on the fun is The Dreamstress who is getting down to talking undies through the centuries, with models and everything. I reckon this will be the BEST thing on all weekend as those of us who have heard Leimomi speak before know how entertaining her historical lectures are.
This is the cheesy image I made for their website. After pulling my hair out trying to think how to show such a thing in an image, it came together in a couple of minutes. 

As well as this, Constance has been busy, making an appearance on 8 May at Aeon Design's Fashion Show, and plotting some new songs. And some new shows. 
AND I have had the worst flu in years. AWFUL. Even now when I am over it, I still feel grotty. So everything is happening at 80% power, and with so much to do, it's been a struggle.
AND I have had family visiting which is fantastic!
AND one of my best mates is away over to Foreign for  Indefinitely so I made her a robe and did some alterations for her, because I am sure that even Michelangelo would help a mate to paint his shed, yeah?

So, my lambikins, that's me. As well as the usual 6 day working week, it's kept me more busierer than usual. 
More deets on the more relevant of the above as they come to light, I am sure noone wants to see me hugging my big bro eh!