Saturday, May 24, 2014


This weekend so far I have:
Taught two classes - patchwork quilts and lampshade making
Briefly but joyously got to hang out with the fabulous WSBN, on a purposeful tour of shops and workroom sales with an Overseas Visitor,
Hand stitched the binding on 3/4 of one of those quilts, AT THE PUB
Did some pretty rusty but fun shimmying to the band at said pub once I got bored of sewing
Attempted a selfie. Fail. However, Daughter #2 showed me how to teach Swipey on my new smart phone to curse. She is so badly brought up!;-)
Slept a good long time
Woken up, read until my Kindle battery died (real books don't really do that, it is a point in their favour!)
Put on a load of washing, tidied the flat, made an espresso,
And here I am, in my robe, catching up.

Note that at no point have I furthered my preparations for next weekend. But never fear, if you have invested $15NZ in coming to hear me rant speak, all will be well on the day!!!


  1. Sewing a quilt at the pub. I think you trump my sewing on the train. :D

    And real books have many points in their favour. I don't know about readers, but my laptop (with its Kindle app and all) is difficult to impossible to read from in the sun. Books? Perfect summer afternoon activity.

    1. I did feel quite the renegade, ironically! ;-) AND bonus, another sewing friend picked up needle and thread and began at the other side. I love how more than one person can be binding a quilt at one time!
      As for books, I love books, I love them SO much more than my Kindle. But I do not love their tiny printing, which I cannot read without my glasses, which are a piece of hardware too far for bed reading :)

  2. Hi Maryanne - I just wanted to say how much I LOVED your lecture on Sunday (I am sorry I had to leave so suddenly at the end). I really loved your use of real examples and humour – I feel you didn't just cover the same old same old and I came away with an understanding of what had caused some of my wadders!

    pssI am buying a kilometre of stay tape.

    1. Oh goodie! I was a bit worried that really it was a one idea lecture, but I have good feedback and this is lovely to read, thank you :)