Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Outtakes from the 'Hood!

People I carefully selected the first round of photos, for glamour. This one I've selected because they are silly. And not always flattering. I love these kinds of photos.
 Bah, I'm getting cramp in my left leg!
 To know me in real life is to understand that my tongue is a mobile and offensive weapon.
 Our gate. I love this pic but not the way my bolero has parted company with my shoulders. So vain!
 An interior shot at the laundromat. Nga and I are both generous souls and we carefully thumped and leaned on this washing machine to make sure it was strong enough to take my weight. It coped very well.
 I just love this photo for its perspective. These old shops at the top end of Cuba St were all relocated from when the new bypass was put in, so it is charming in a new and 'put together' way that the original ramshackle hodge podge wasn't. I am a little sad about that, actually. But I am standing outside a wonderful jewellers, his name is Jeremy and he is a total sweetie.
 Another from inside Marthas. I call it "Pretending to be interested in hats" which from my hairdo, I clearly am not.
 Through the window of Marthas. I was actually pretending Nga was paparazzi and trying to shoo her off but I look like a prisoner trying to hail down a potential saviour!
Oh dear. The one setting I had planned was me draped seductively on the concrete couch outside Comfort Hotel. Made by Weta Workshop, it is heated and looks so comfy. IT IS CONCRETE. IT IS NOT COMFY. I could not find a position I could hold for more than 10 seconds without pain. This was the end result. It's the only one where I just look like Jabba the Hutt, instead of Jabba the Hutt giving birth.
But please don't take that a the voice of upset - I love it, it's the hilarious side of photo shoots and why I can be bothered with them, because that's what makes them fun!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hanging in my neighbourhood.

On Sunday I got a bit Frida Kahlo sans monobrow, and headed out with my favourite photographer Ngahuia from Ataahua Photography, to get snapped in the Cuba St quarter of Wellington.

 This is in my building, on the exposed walkway. I cannot reach my foot, no surprises!
 At ground level, the very dark shape in the distance behind me is the rubbish skip. Such a glam life!
 One of the many muralled walls in the area. To my left and up a floor, some students were drinking tea in their flat and sending encouraging waves to us.
 I don't know who lives there, but I felt the need to get in!
 Perching on a working washing machine in the laundromat. Oh the shame of being caught!
 Taking a break in Martha's Pantry, a delightful tea shop en route. The staff were very enthused and lent me a fan and a tea service. Isn't the light in there just delicious!
 This is Doc. He turned up on his bike and asked to be in the photo with me. He used to live in this place and assumed I now did. Such a honey!
I love this shot. It is outside the Salvation Army's headquarters on Cuba, with these big pillars, so great to lean on. 
It was such a lovely afternoon. We got as far as the Comfort Hotel and stopped for coffee and noms before traipsing back the three blocks covered to my place.
I love my city! I mean this larger than life woman in a FULL ON sequin dress, on a super sunny day so totes dazzling, and crazy drag makeup just wandering around being photographed, and everyone is beaming and saying nice things! I felt like a star!
It's also nice to have some great photos of this dress. It has been a bit upstaged since I discovered the strapless dresses and the peacock thing, but really it is divine. Isn't it?
And my lovely friend Kate gave me these earrings, the last of several gifts of fantastic earrings by jewellery designer Colleen Toland, from the 90s. They are huge and showy and just perfect for Constance.