Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Photos can make you look different!

This is me! It blows my mind! I am sitting on a chair backward, leaning forward, wearing a top hat. Sort of a la Marlene Dietrich. Because, you know, we're so alike hehe.
Sunday past, we did a photo shoot for our 1930s themed cabaret on 6 May and this was one of them.
L-R: Mz Twinkle aka Debbie, Me, Pip, Andrew, Dahlia Dangerous aka Stacey
Group shot. Sadly our two lovely boys couldn't make it to the photo session, but Andrew our inseparably important tech support and husband of Debbie, got scrubbed up to help out. He is very much an integral part of all of our shows so he deserves to be in the cast pic.
The upshot of all this is that we had so much fun! I get bored really fast in photo shoots because I get tired of being snapped, to be honest. But a group shoot is awesome because we had a laugh and we all got a break.
If you are in Wellington NZ and fancy a trip back in time, the show is on at S&Ms, 8pm 6 May, bookings on Eventfinda. xo

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cake for a Fifth Birthday

On 1 April, I turned 52 and my favourite show, Caburlesqe, turned 5. So we had a HUGE cake.
I love making tall cakes - they are so impressive but really not too hard to do. Time consuming yes. Difficult, not so much. The trick is to know your strengths and stick to 'em.
The cake, enough to feed the whole audience and provide cake for a bunch of lunchboxes for a week.
The little frames are made in white chocolate from a silicon mold then brushed with gold lustre dust. The images in them were printed onto an edible sheet by an Auckland company. A trim and a lick of tylose glue and they were all done.
I tried to create an imprinted velvet look by brushing red lustre dust through a rococco type of stencil onto the red fondant but it is a bit subtle! The bottom tier I sprayed with edible gold paint. I love that stuff.
Sadie von Scrumptious and I are the cake fairies - it was Sadie aka Emily, who got married last August. We share Emcee duties and it is rare for us both to be on stage together and we had a pile of fun!
I got ambushed! Debbie our producer seen here planting one on my cheek, presented me with flowers! Such a lovely birthday surprise <3 p="">
Currently I am feeling the early stages of the nasty cold making its way around the city. Erg. So, it's vitamin C and rest for me. Wish me luck; I don't fancy a winter like last year again.
Mind you, the new shop is warmer and drier than the old one was and maybe I will shake it off!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Friday Catch Up!

Ah, Easter is upon us. I've been rather busy for the past however-many weeks, with new staff, new projects and chasing up evidence of past ones to share.
Finally, a result! Remember in February I had a show in the NZ Fringe Festival with my delightful friend Hans - it seems an eternity ago now. But finally I've had time to go over the videos of each night, choose the one I like best and start uploading them to YouTube. as you dotube.
Our show is Clever and Constance Sing Songs for Grownups. It is thus titled because we sing about things that young people don't really have to deal with.
Of all the songs we butchered in the show, this one is the one everyone keeps talking about. It is very long, but there's a reason for that. The actual song starts about 2:50.
Apologies to my overseas readers, as my accent can sound rather like a chicken clucking I feel. Happily the singing is a bit easier to follow!
If you enjoy this and want to see more, follow the video to YouTube - this song is in a playlist of other songs from the show.
More on weddings and other things soon xo