Sunday, March 7, 2010

...and Everybody hurts....some time

Oh REM, you know don't you!
Some time last week while sitting on the floor attaching gold leaves, I aggravated that spot in my back that loves me not. It turned out to be about the exact same spot that gets used for just about every single belly dancing move known to man and woman. So, I winced my way through about three quarters of my originally intended dance activities and it's a very unhappy back.
Oh to be an a snail. If I were a snail, my shell would be full of sewing supplies!


  1. You poor thing! Don't hurt yourself for the sake of the dress (especially since the talk is off) :-(

    I have to admit, i have never felt the desire to be a snail!

  2. Oh poop is it really? That is so ridiculous. But probably for the best as I am running out of time every which way right now. Let's still finish it though as it is going to be stunning!!!