Thursday, March 11, 2010

Norman conquests

Shawn Ogg (Chris Church) and Magrat (Adele Wheeley) from Elmwood's production of Lords and Ladies (adapted from Terry Pratchett's novel) that I directed and costumed in 2005.
Well now I have been all quiet on account of being very busy, and I now have children to entertain and educate for a week which is very cool! Master 13 is joining two friends to be Norman soldiers at some school thing and tomorrow we are going to find fabric to make chain mail vests. In the photo above, I used a bobbly black knit and sprayed it silver. It works for a given value of 'works'. (Actually I'm more proud of Magrat's Queen Ynci armour, made from nasty vinyl, a long line bra from the op shop and lots of fat piping rope. We lived with the sprayed silhouettes of that tab skirt on our laundry floor for years!)
Today we visited the Weta Cave, which is Weta workshop's shop and museum, and saw and handled their special chain mail. It's so very, very cool and a looong way from knitted string or my bobbly knit version. For one brief moment I wanted to work there more than anything in the world! It passed... :)


  1. I think, that for a theatre costume, that chain mail is just AWESOME! Magrat is way too sexy looking though!

    For Master 13s Norman look, are you going to model it off the Bayeux Tapestry? That would be fun? And lots of the really lowly guys didn't wear chain mail.

  2. Why thank you! :) We found some wildly nobbly knit today at Fab Warehouse for $8m, I'm making tunic chain mail a bit like Shawn's, and hauberks (under shirt thing?) out of a dark brown knit that will have longer, slimmer sleeves and a longer line. All based on a photo we found of a costume. Making tabards and such forth is toooo hard. Helmets we hope will come from TWH to be remodelled. Nose guards are a must for the effect. Spray painting of the 'chain mail' will happen back hom as the smell will get through his suitcase big time! :)

  3. Oh, btw, we looked at the Bayeux tapestry style but decided that the whole 'onesy suit' chain mail would probably be very 'low-cred'. They really look like they're wearing chain mail summer jim jams eh! hehehe