Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My colour wash quilt part 2

My sister tells me that I am making a 'colour wash' quilt and it is "very '90's". HA!!! *tosses hair*.
Hana and Jo, I tried the opposite border thing but I got stuck on what to do next, and was fossicking in my stash when I found this:
As the quilt starts in warm reds and finishes in apricots and browns, I thought this would make a delicious border.

However, light triangles between it and the quilt look stark, so I opted to use a black backgrounded sprig fabric to fill them all in, which will blend into the border:
Half way done...
All done. Now all I have to do is sew the strips together and add that yummy border.


  1. Looks fabulous Mrs C. What a yummmy find. that border finishes off a beautiful FLORAL quilt.

  2. Ah, that looks good! And it certainly saves it from being colour-washed.