Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Using up bits

Last night at the committee meeting for our quilting club we were talking about 'charity' quilts. Not a term I like but I do like what it means - giving quilts to those who need comfort - the comfort of something physically soft and snuggly, and the comfort of knowing something was made with love. Quilts fulfil both of these types of comfort.
It got me thinking about what I had in my stash that I could whip an emergency quilt with, and I remember the 7,000,000 charm squares I've been hoarding. Yay! A rummage through them for all the florals and a sort into colour values and I came up with this. Finished, it will be a queen size quilt. since taking the pic I've moved a few squares around in the middle.
So, tell me, what am I using as a border? Do I use one fabric, or graduate it through colour values like the squares? I have a bunch of fat q's in a black background, very fine floral that may do it, but ideas are welcome! And lace, is it that kind of quilt? Help me!
It feels good to make a small dent in the charm collection!


  1. I like the idea of graduated border - only in the opposite direction! Dark border at the lights, light one at the darks.
    I'm not sure about lace. I think the colours and flowers are ornamental enough. But you'll have to decide yourself, because, as already revealed, we have differing aesthetics. :-)

  2. What a good idea! Thankyou Hana, it's not one I'd thought of at all. I shall experiment!

  3. I second Hana, a graduated border running in the opposite direction.