Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sharing the cupcake love...

You know, I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE to make cupcakes, decorate cupcakes and feed them to others, although I rarely get to taste one of my own creations. They do taste good, I am told, and at work, at our annual craft market and at the odd event where I reliably turn up with a few dozen, they are anticipated by many.
It was neverthless a delight when someone suggested I teach others how to make and decorate them. But the idea appealed - after all, I have let hoards of children driven indoors by rain loose on the decorating materials at summer camp and survived to tell the tale. A small group of adults is a pushover by comparison. And it's a chance to earn a little bit of return on investment while also donating a chunk of the proceeds to my favourite cause, Wellington's Downtown Community Ministry.
And so, dear readers, this week I am teaching my very first class. Attendees will wear a cake infested apron made with my own fair hands, and be let loose on six cupcakes with a few of my decorating tips to guide them. It's going to be fun, not to mention interesting! And it had better work, as I have another scheduled a fortnight later!
If you had a chance to learn something about cupcakes, what would it be? I get asked all kinds of questions from technical ones I don't know the answer to, to ones that I am amazed aren't self apparent (which is the trouble with experience, you forget that once upon a time you didn't have it). It will help me to get prepared for thinking on my feet while making icing, melting chocolate (always perilous) and talking and fielding questions, all at the same time! Wish me luck xo

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  1. Dearest, the cupcake class was a hoot and I had so much fun experimenting and letting my hitherto unknown cupcake designer go wild. Thanks for the opportunity.