Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's up?

I'm not in a sewing or creating mood. I just made a velvet top that I will photograph and post about soon, and I just put all of my spare crafty stock into a shop as it's more sense than having it sit on a shelf, but otherwise life is about work. Work, work, work.
And house guests! I love having friends to stay, it's an ideal chance to catch up and reconnect with friends from out of town. But none of this is conducive to sewing or blogging.
So, too ra loo to you all, I hope you are creating up a storm and having a great time! I'll be back with photos and something more sensible soon. Promise! :)
A photo of Stonehenge, which as sensible goes is probably not very. Although I'm sure it made sense at the time...

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