Friday, December 23, 2011

Giveaway 50+ followers: Apron happiness and distraction

I promised myself to do a giveaway when I got 50 followers and I've just topped it. Thank you so much to you all for tuning in to my erratic outpourings.
So, time for a giveaway!! Remember this apron:
It is now finished with an assortment of mismatched gold and pearl vintage buttons and looks very pretty! And I will post it to anyone, anywhere in the world. I love the idea of my handiwork being worn in a place I've never been. Not that this means I'd discount my lovely local followers!
Open to followers, if blogger is not your friend and you have to post anonymously anyway just let me know that, and extra entries for sharing on Facebook, linking to your blog or joining up a friend (all of which you'll need to let me know about, too)
I'm away from the internet until 1 Jan so I will leave it open until then.
Merry Christmas everyone! xo


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,
    You're giving away one of your pretties...and this one is a duck. Yes, please, I'd love to enter the giveaway.

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year,

    Natalie in chilly, wet Kentucky USA

  2. Yes please!! I would love to win one of your designer aprons (to match the designer Xmas stocings!!)

  3. Maryanne I would dearly love one of your beautiful aprons...I haven't got an apron and desperately need one to keep me clean during my Gluten Free cooking experiments!

  4. This is lovely! Please enter me in your giveaway!

  5. I'm in dire need of some nice aprons, so this is definitely a giveaway for me. :)

  6. What a wnderful apron, it would inspire me to actually bake something in the kitchen.

  7. Oh MrsC please count me in as you know how much I adore your work, and this pinny in particular :-). Luv Madame O