Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Our tree is finally up. It makes me very happy! I'd like to share with you some of my favourite tree ornaments,starting with the Ladies
Our fairy on top, miraculously held in place with a chopstick and duct tape!
The gloriously Edwardian circus splendour that is Mermaid Mama.
This year's addition to the Tree Ladies, Florabelle. I love her heart shaped bodice and her graceully extended arm.
Lion looks happy and smug, like he is King of the Tree. But he has competition!
Blake the Tiger burning bright around the other side thinks HE is too. Best to keep them out of eye contact with one another.
I have five left of these cardboard christmas trees. The children and I made them when they were about 5 and 7 (they are now 12 and 14!) and they are the most precious of all the ornaments on our tree.
And all together! Yes, the window lights really do loop around it, as a safety precaution thought up by MrC.
Wishing you all a Happy and Merry Christmas, or whatever version you celebrate, from my heart. xo


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Neat, neat! Did you make the fairy? She is wonderful.

    Very best,


  2. I wish, Natalie! No, she ismade from some kind of composite, all the Ladies are, and they are a bit on the heavy side so hanging them is a challenge, hence the chopstick brace! :)

  3. That's so gorgeous Mrs C. Where do you find those mama angels.. I want some.. Love them. Just splendid and just a YOU tree. Colourful, creative with Personality too. Have a lovely Christmas MA . Lots of love and thank you for being YOU xox

  4. Aw :) The pink Florabelle lady was from the White Room this year so if you nip out to Island bay you can nab a couple too. Top of tree Angel I think came from a shop in Christchurch and Mermaid Mama was a gift. Too cute eh! You have a wonderful time too dear KJ oxoxoxox