Thursday, May 3, 2012

100 followers, 200 posts

This week, I realised I had made 199 posts, and had 101 followers. One of those is me - somehow I managed to follow my own blog! So, today is the 200th post and 100 (actual) followers.
April has been a tough but fantastic month - our first month of the new business, dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of getting started, then my camera dying. With some really good photos on it too darn it. Which is why I have been a little dull this month.
BUT, we have a new wizzy gig camera, which makes a satisfying clicking sound when you snap a photo. I find this deeply satisfying, being such a dinosaur hehehe. And to show you how superior this new camera is compared with the old one, here are some pictures:
 A stunning array of gifts from precious people. Card lovingly made by Joy, and full of lovely messages from my ex-work colleagues. Teapot from Maz, sooo pretty! Teapot vase with roses from Nicola in the UK, and amazing tape measure tea towel from my lovely stepkids and their Mum.
Bling attack!!!! Wineglasses of gorgeous rhinestone daisies and dragonflies, so pretty. I am going to stick some on my mirror. And the irresistible sparkle of sparkle tulle, and sparkly organza ribbon roses on clips.
The wonderful Hine has lined our old oak china cabinet with shiny silver foil, so it now looks like a fabulous 1920's cocktail cabinet!
Life is not all shiny shop things though. :)  It is so nice to have a decent camera again. And I have a 'guilty shelf' in my office for things I buy that if I am totally honest, are more about my own desire to OWN them than because they belong in my shop. Hmm, I feel a give away coming on...
Love you all! Mxo


  1. I'm accidentally following my own blog too. lol!

    Camera is an essential bit of kit.

  2. Congrats, Mrs C! Two milestones! Break out the champagne, let's have a drunk. :) So pleased for you.

    I followed my own blog so I could see what the other followers see... ;)

  3. Congratulations on both counts Mrs C. And what lovely photos! I am surprised to see you blogging at all what with everything going on. Uber impressive! :-)

  4. I think its hilarious that you are following your own blog! I guess you must know what a great blog it is!!!
    Congratulations your blog is fabulous!