Monday, April 23, 2012

Our first class!

Well, tonight Made on Marion hosted its very first class. Claire from the Vanity Case took six gorgeous women through the process of making themselves up, 1920's style. With the most interesting commentary on the reason the makeup style evolved. 
I was over the other side of the shop putting my range of iDyes out (SQUEEE!!!) and it was such a lovely way to spend an hour - listening to Claire while sorting my iDye into colour order.
So two firsts - first class and first shipment of one of the best dyes ever. A certain brand had dye gone, shoved unceremoniously into a basket for likely flogging off, and now we have Rit and iDye in our all purpose line up to complement the specialist wool and silk dyes. 
And what a bevy of lovelies we ended up with!
Actually they were lovely in the first place, but by the end they were specifically 1920's-1930's lovely. And I got the impression that everyone had a lovely time too! :)


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I wonder how long before I can open a London branch! :):)

  2. Dear Mrs. C.,
    NEAT! A class on makeup? How cool is that! Dadburn, why is there an entire globe between Wellington and us? It's just so annoying not to trot on over for a class, a visit, and an Idye purchase. That due is so easy to use and the colors are wonderful.

    (Boy, my little son picked up his pajamas and put them on the dresser! I had to remind him, but he ran and did it amenably! Happy day.)


    1. It was cool. Doesn't sell any of our products or anything, so it is entirely just 'because.' Perhaps we also need a Kentucky branch?

  3. I'm a globe away from MrsC and half a globe away from ZipZip/Natalie - isn't it funny?
    Anyway, I'm glad to hear the first class turned out fine! And just like Natalie, I feel sorry I can't just pop into your shop whenever I feel like it. At least we can do so virtually!

    1. And a Czech branch? :) I guess for now it shall ve virtual and vicarious!

  4. So nice to have an alternative to Spotlight - and thanks for opening on Sunday! Got to love the internet - met you today in store, and found this link via 3 hours past the edge!

  5. Nice post! Now put it up at mademarioncraft's blog, too, please!!!