Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week one of Made on Marion

I have never been so tired in my life! Oh wait, yes I have. Every first week of every new job. It's so easy to forget how much energy it takes to learn something from new. :)
On Sunday it was my birthday and our first day of actual ownership, so we had a working bee with cake, and many wonderful friends turned up to help rearrange the entire shop. Of course, I didn't know where to begin so I was very relieved when my dear friend Ross turned up and took over. Ross who designed my fabulous kitchen and is a spatial genius. He also somehow managed to avoid being in any photos!
The amazing Sarah took lots of photos that delight me so I'm just going to pop a whole lot in here to hopefully delight you too:
 Perfect white hearts. I think they are a bit odd but come Christmas time we're going to have fun turning them into beautiful tree decorations
 Cane, cane, cane.
 Craft or alchemy?
 I love the heads! The wall below it is now completely different, and crammed with crafty goodness :)
 Lots and lots of ways to string beads, pendants and bone carvings. 
 My indulgence - little sugar paste flowers. Claire and Zoe donned gloves and bagged these up for the shop.
Action shot. Me at counter doing??? The Embroidenator cleaning a window sill. And she is teaching 3D flower making too! What a mother, what a woman! :)
So this is where I am every day. It's fun and hard and fabulous and scary all at once. No wonder I am tired ;-)


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,

    Love looking at the shop! I bet it IS tiring...but oh, it's yours!!

    Very best,


  2. Here comes the green light of envy from across the ocean.
    Looks fabo.

  3. Felicity from Down UnderApril 5, 2012 at 2:44 AM

    I wish I were closer so that I could see it all for real. Good luck, looks fabulous

  4. Hey! Was in your store Thursday. Thanks for extending your shop hours (don't have to sneak out of work early anymore!) and for not getting rid of the brooch clips. You're the only place in Wellington that sells them. Promise I'll do a post soon to show you what I use them for...

  5. I can not think of a better reason to be tired. Sounds like you have an amazing team behind you MrsC. And that of course happens because you are amazing yourself. Karma is a wonderful thing! :-)