Friday, April 6, 2012

United against disposable stuff!

I don't live a perfectly ecological life, far from it. But like most of us who have a half an eye on the planet, I have my particular obsessions.
My peeve is with disposable stuff. I avoid using disposable anything, even if it is biodegradable, because I figure there is always another way. After all, we got by for centuries without disposable products.
Anyway, I cannot do without the makeup pads to put my toner on each morning and it was a burden on my conscience, so recently I decided to try and make a reusable pad.
 These little cuties are prototypes I've been trying out. Scraps of quilting cotton sandwiching a cotton batting inner, zigzagged around the edge (zigzag first, cut after), and a stitchline through the middle. All made of offcuts.
They're doing a great job! I use a side each day, and then throw them in the wash, where they take up not a single bit of extra resource, of course.
They are a little more abrasive than cotton wool pads, but I actually like that. I thought about using a flannel fabric, but was concerned that it would leave traces of fluff on my skin.
And I was going to bag them in and be all fancy, but a friend suggested I just zigzag around the edge, easy peasy. It works.
The only issue left is how to stop them creeping into the front of the washing machine, where they escape the spin cycle and come out soaking wet!


  1. What a fantastic idea! I love it, and i'll have to try it out. On a similar note, I used a reusable/washable cotton pad while I was nursing, as well as a lovely merino wool pad!
    About the washing of small items, it's like baby socks! Just put all small items in a mesh laundry bag, I found it worked fine.

    1. Good ideas both, and a great present idea for me for the many, MANY preggers ladies in my life! :) And also about the laundry bag. I have all the makings of one, thanks :)

  2. Brilliant idea! It's been bothering me as well - using those cotton pads every day then throwing them out. I may just have to borrow your idea and make some of these today - thanks! :-)

  3. Felicity from Down UnderApril 10, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    I second putting them in a mesh or fabric bag, the sort used for bras and so on. Great idea!

  4. Oh good idea. Brilliant. I might try the merino too as I seem to have scraps coming out of my ears! And it has to be NZ merino of course!!

  5. Great idea! I don't overly obsess about recyclable disposables (though I really should do!) but these would certainly make a morning routine more pleasurable with a factor of 'feel good', and would indeed be a lovely gift for friends and family. The little wash bag suggestion by Steph would be a great gift bag to present them in too!