Tuesday, February 25, 2014


...We're a bod down at work and I've got lots of early starts and late finishes, and I just found out that Armageddon is on 8-9 March so Twisted Fate needs to happen faster!
On other fronts:
  • Constance has her first gig in early April
  •  The Play is happening in late April, some casting confirmed
  • Twisted Fate's waistcoat is nearly done, pending photos
  • Constance's fishtail skirt now has a foofully petticoat under it and a red lining! Photos to come
I hope you're busy and happy too!


  1. Heavens, Mrs. C.! What on earth has Armageddon to do with a twisted fate? Is it fate that brings on the apocalypse? Or is the end of the word coming because you're a man short at the shop and too many early and late hours are making you a little giddy?

    Truly, all this is tongue in cheek. :}

    Glad to see you're doing well, despite the hours, and very best,


    1. Hehehe, very cute! The inside of my head is incoherent enough already! ;-)