Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Twisted Fate

Well, after that flurry of activity, Constance gets some down time while I work on a project dear to my heart - a costume for my stepson. He is a very good magician and card trickster so he decided he wanted to go to Armageddon dressed as Twisted Fate, a character form League of Legends whose weapons of choice are special cards.

Isn't he scrumptious!!! I was both thrilled and terrified when I saw this picture. I love the styling, so tailored and chic, but SO MUCH WORK. Ah well! I cannot resist a challenge and this is the kind of challenge I thrive so there you go!
I'm tackling it like I do any big costume project (including wedding dresses) by unpacking it into modules. In this case that means:
1. Hat (done, photos soon)
2. Waistcoat
3. Coat
4. Cuffs, gaiters and shoulder guard
I don't have to do trousers, and he has some pointy shoes so I can make gaiters over them, the style absolutely lends itself to that approach.
Waistcoat first because it is smaller, and I can practise/experiment with binding techniques. Ironically, I've cut the coat out but not the waistcoat - while my fab brother in law worked out how to get the Constance video onto YouTube, I took advantage of their bigger lounge floor to cut out the outfit, but the stupid waistcoat pattern had a piece missing. Lesigh!
In outfits like this, I really enjoy the building bits, like the gaiters, cuffs and shoulder guard. I assume they are meant to be bark leather but the cost of that would be ridiculous, even at wholesale, so I may either make them in lamb nappa, or find another product entirely. But lamb has its advantages - it will need fusing as it is very soft but it will sew easily!
More soon...

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