Thursday, April 17, 2014

A new jacket for Constance

I've had it with black PVC! It looks good but it is so hot, and it takes forever to lace up. Plus it is black, which on stage is boring.
So, I am using it as the basis for a new jacket - far more outrageous, and super, shiny pretty!
And here is my fabric. Yes, it really is both leopard AND lurex. The pattern is quite big - that sequin trim is about 40mm wide, and I LOVE the way it has so many colours woven through it. The fabric itself is a surprisingly cottony feeling suiting. This is such a find, as so many lurex fabrics are really ligtweight and fray like mad. The piece is 2m long and about 160cm wide.
The PVC jacket is slightly stretchy, so when I copied it, I added a teeny bit to it all, and it is almost perfect.
Not that you could tell from this terrible photo MrC took. He can't get his head around the way the focus works! I am experimenting with the idea of draped cups, so I butchered an old bra to get the wires out of it. I left the lace in the cups in case it turns out to be useful. The whole thing looks like a mess but it really isn't. When it is in focus! ;-)
More soon!


  1. Love this fabric.. This will be so pretty.. Happy sewing.

  2. You're lucky you bet me to it, or that leopard lurex would have been mine! I'll just have to come see you on stage so I can admire it there.

    1. And Sadie has first dibs on any offcuts too. But we can't dress alike, it's too mother daughter matchy matchy!