Saturday, August 16, 2014

Circus Time!

On September 6, Wellington is the lucky host of the inaugural Winter Vintage. What is it? It's circus, it's market place, it's entertainment, madness and silliness. Based around a 1930's circus theme.
And Constance is the Ring Master.
During the day anyway. At the evening ball/dance/event, I'm reading fortunes!
Naturellement, the big question is, WHAT TO WEAR?? Fortune telling I have nailed already, thanks to Big Fat Gypsy Wedding silliness
It's amazing what an upside down sweet jar and a wreath of hair flowers can do ;-)
But Ring Mastering is a bit more of a challenge. We do love a challenge here at Sent from my iRon!
We could wear this little ensemble from our dressing up rack, but we fancy a new outfit. :)
I want something that looks like it has been handed down from generation to generation of circus folk, with changes made en route. Because I suspect this would be very common And fun!
Inspiration pictures include:
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image. I love that neckline - SO Victorian, so Circus. The onesie/combination look is not for me overall however.
 This image was spookily like what I initially wanted - 1830s-1850s mans frock coat in red.
 A bit more predictable, and she is channelling Constance's hair, except Constance isn't channelling her figure ;-)
A bit mad. We like that.
So, we have a very feminine lacy neckline and a red velvet frockcoat-like silhouette. Add big gold buttons, lots of gold braid and I think tassels, and I think we have a plan.
Unlike several of my posts lately about starting projects, as this one has a deadline, it WILL be made. Alas the poor brown velvet frockcoat has to take a back seat while I do it.


  1. I thought at first your upside-down sweet jar was a teapot - crystal ball and reading the leaves in one? Could be a growth industry...
    Looking forward to seeing the end result!

    1. Genius! Actually I ended up reading palms, and telling people they were going to have 27 children! heheh

  2. I need my fortunes ready by Constance, and also the opportunity to see your final outfit choice in the flesh... so, I'm off to buy a ticket!

    1. Oh well done you! It is going to be a fun day I can tell!

  3. Beautiful.. you look fantastic.Sounds like so much fun.. Enjoy.

  4. Crikey, reading fortunes AND ring mastering! Both definitely deserve exciting outfits

    1. Purple for one and red for the other, it's how we roll here at SFMI ;-)