Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mary Poppins, but not as you know her!

Video from our Demented Disney show came through, and here is my interpretation of Mary Poppins, introduced by the effervescent Sadie von Scrumptious, with guest appearance by K.T.
Costumewise, it was the easiest to date by FAR. The usual skirt, a modified jacket and a new hat.
The jacket was a black one I used to wear in my corporate days. I trimmed the collar with blue satin bias, turned the fronts back and under and trimmed the new line. I subbed out the buttons with daisy ones and that was it!
The hat I made using the same method as my hat tutorial here- it's just black calico. I found the three yellow gerberas at a discount store, and just glued them on. Easy peasy.
She needed a more Edwardian hair do than Constance normally has, so instead of the huge ratt on top, I used a bunch of curled hair extensions wound into balls as padding to build my hair up and out. It was just right, and the hat only needed one hat pin through the top layer and then all tha extra hair to stay put.

In case you are wondering, the baggies contain lemon sherbet. We made it ourselves, and here is the recipe:

 Mary Poppin's "Special Sugar"

1 cup icing sugar
1 teaspoon each of tartaric acid, citric acid and baking soda
1 packet of lemon Raro or Tang powder (sugar no artificial sweetened)
Just stir it all up and that's it!

It really is quite delicious, and quite the pick me up!


  1. Constance, what a great and funny show! Well done! I need some that in my coffee in the morning, definitely.

    1. Oh good grief Mel, it would fizz up and over the cup! And let's face it, the only things we want doing that are not cups of coffee to be sure!

  2. Fantastic show... Great job on the costumes. Have a great day..