Thursday, August 13, 2015

We won!!!

My shop Made on Marion, won the Top Shop Award for Small/Single Store. How cool is that?!
This is me accepting the award and having a lot to say as per usual -behind me from left, Melisa, Karen, MrC (pretty much hidden) Ben, and Mark the CEO of Retail NZ.
It was an awesome evening - lovely company at our table from an online beauty products shop, a lovely dinner and the excitement of winning!! Yay!!!
For a laugh, this is me on the left, up until 4.30pm. Right is me after an hour of serious interventioning at the mirror ;-)

Melissa, me and Karyn all glammed up in red and orange goodness. I am wearing the silk and velvet evening cape The Dreamstress made for me last year. So pretty!
Now to my top. It is made from a strange silk fabric, like a really coarsely woven organza but it is still beautiful quality. It behaves like organza - floating and billowing instead of draping. I fell hard to the print, which reminded me of inlaid wooden tables, but with a slightly tapa cloth vibe too.
The top is a standard MrsC empire line, A-line skirt with uneven hem jobbie, with rather odd split sleeves.
It was a mare to sew however. I tried to narrow hem the bottom and sleeves on the overlocker but the fabric kept pulling away from the stitching for inches at a time. Grrr. I tried overlocking it and it did the same thing. This is all the night before of course.
In the end I got a grip, reminded myself that I have Mad Skills, and worked it out. Firstly I stay stitched the raw edges about 5mm in, to help the warp and weft to settle. Then I changed the way I was drawing it through the overlocker - putting some tension behind it as well as in front. This really helped. I also lifted the cutting blade so it really did roll - I don't usually do this but sometimes it is the best.
FINALLY, I got a nice rolled edge. It held together for the evening, looked nice on stage, looked good as we danced our way UP to the stage to the Happy Song (everyone had great boogie music but we were the only team that danced!) and I didn't slop gravy down it so win!
I am so ridonculously proud of my people and of us :)


  1. Huge congratulations!!!!! How brilliant I'm so thrilled for you. And love how you managed to squeeze a top sewing tip in such a post! You all look FAB and clearly have the gong to say you are!!!

    1. Well the conversation most heard about the awards night was, "What are you wearing??" MrC wore a waistcoat I made him too. We are walking adverts after all ;-)

  2. Congratulations!!! What a big thrill for you, Mr C, and your staff. A well deserved win, I'm sure.

  3. Yay! Congrats!! You guys so deserve it - MoM is such a fantastic place and your team are super awesome. High fives all round!! :)

  4. Congrats...So very happy for you ..
    You look fantastic.. Love your outfit.. Have a great weekend.

  5. Massive congratulations! So so happy for you. Your top looks gorgeous too.

  6. Congratulations! You certainly are walking adverts, and clearly it works. :-)