Thursday, November 3, 2016


It's 7pm on Hallowe'en Saturday - I have four, FOUR places I could be tonight but the only place I want to be is here on the couch for as long as it takes to get to bed time, probably 9pm! NANA!!
I taught a class today, a new one about "Making a pattern from an existing garment." I had a lot of inquiries around this idea so I programmed it, two weeks in a row because of the demand and only being able to take 4-6 people, and both are full.
It was a fantastic class and reminded me how much I love to teach. No photos, as I am to busy doing the work for that.
But I do owe you some photos so here you go!

 Me as Edina Monsoon with dear friend Ross. Friends for 38 years and counting! He came to the second evening of the AB Fab movie opening. Out of two 200 seat shows, only about 8 guys turned up!
 A little too much bolly. Jack was Patsy and Indy is Bubble.
My black lace fit and flare dress - bought unadorned and then adorned with these lovely red rose motifs. It took me ages to sew them on but I love that kind of thing.

And finally THIS happened! Please note the total lack of sequins!
I finished the dress on Labour Weekend and have worn it since but so far no pics. I LOVE IT. Can't wait to show you! 
We're in summer frock weather most days now, and the one I am wearing has rips under the arms. So three new dresses this summer, two more to go.
I'd best get on with it! My output has been pretty slow these past couple of years...


  1. Glad to hear that you are an AB FAB devotee!

  2. Summer frock weather in Wellington, eh? Lucky! Up here in the Hutt it's more summer-frock-with-long-socks-and-a-woolly-jersey-plus-maybe-a-shawl weather.

  3. My youngest has just moved back to Oz for their summer, whilst here in France it's getting bloody cold.

    Ab Fab rocks!

  4. Cro it makes sense to chase the sun if you can but I'd take a French winter over an Ozzie summer any day ;-)

  5. WOuld love to have attended your class.. Know it would be so fun.
    We are going into winter.. I really dread the cold..