Friday, December 29, 2017

Sister Act

Well jumping around, back to Christmas Eve, I was waiting for some photos but meh, instead I've taken some screen grabs of the live video I made for Facebook. That was fun! I only discovered how to do it by accident too.
I can't link the video here but it really is pretty terrible. Here's the "highlights":
Me pointing out the scaffolding on the church, which is being "de-earthquaked."
 Jo, showing us her eye makeup. she's a really good makeup artist for "real lady" looks, and she got into my glitter! She also, obviously, got into my Christmas costume! With multo safety pins too.
 Us mugging it up for the camera. The imbalance of face was because I couldn't work out how to put the camera into selfie mode while it was live so I was guessing.
Silliness indeed!


  1. Does your act have the blessing of the chapel, or are they blaming you for the earthquake?

    1. Nope, I am not culpable, and they were very understanding about me using my Nativity scene costume to point to the actions in the carols in an ironic way ;)