Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Weimar? Vy not?

Sorry about the heading! (not sorry!)
Recently I had a photo shoot with a 1920s Weimaresque vibe, which is quite different from my usual look. So I did some research into makeup styles; good grief that Great Gatsby movie has a lot to answer for!
This one was by far the most fun and had a really good look:
It's also a masterclass in eyebrow blocking. I found it very inspiring, trouble is like most 1920s looks for women, the result is a sort of "worried and vulnerable" look that really doesn't suit Constance, who is neither!
So, I cherry picked the aspects that I liked, and adapted it for my own look.
I also adore the looks in Cabaret the Movie - while heavily influenced by 1970s fashion, the use of colour really adds to the sense of a surreal world of crazy stuff that is the Club. I love that. I don't so much love Minelli's "bedroom eyes" so I underplayed that aspect of the look.
Selfies taken on the day. I know the green is quite vivid but most of the photos will be in some kind of unsaturated state if not actually black and white, and I am enjoying playing with green right now. Brings out the gold in my eyes. And, Cabaret! I didn't overdraw my mouth, and finished it off just a tiny bit inside its natural width. Pale base, over blushed cheeks, big lower lashes, thin brows, shadow starting under them and sweeping out to join the rest. All this is fairly new to me. Such fun!
So what do you think? Can you imagine this face singing a Kurt Weil song?


  1. I cannot bear to watch Liza Minelli - or her mother...

  2. I love the vid and your make up is gorgeous. Such a lovely green. You look fab. Xx

    1. Thank you MoR! It was lots of fun and such a joy to finally really nail eyebrow blocking :)

  3. Excellent! I love this new look! I must watch that video. You always give me great ideas.