Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A tattoo is for life

Greetings all. I know it's Christmas Eve and the are plenty of more topical things to talk about but I just want to share this. While out helping AlohaAroha at Expressions Bridal exhibition, I met a woman who had this tattoo on her upper arm:

She very kindly let me take a photo and said I could blog about it, but I didn't get her name.
Isn't it cool!!! The bits you can't see are a ball of knitting wool, and just disappearing around the right side is a dressmaker's dummy. This is the first tattoo I've ever seen that makes me really want one like it. I am a wooss from waaaay back, but a discreet needle and thread tucked away somewhere hideable...


  1. It is a great tattoo! I think her name was Brooklyn.

    Still not ready to get one muself though - even in a discreet spot!

  2. Oh I am inspired now - a needle and thread, and perhaps a wee flower 'embroidered' onto my skin. My biggest issue with tats is not what to have but where - I don't have too many spots that I could put one!